Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 77-76 Loss to TCU

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The Cowboys are again 0-1 to start Big 12 play.

Terrible defense and shooting - looked like an AAU game.

The TCU big man obviously bothered Cunningham - he’ll face much more intimidating physical big men in the NBA than what he faced last night.

he won’t be double/triple-teamed in the NBA

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I don’t remember Marcus Smart dominating everyone and winning every game but he seems to be doing good in the NBA.

Where is Pena and or why isn’t he playing?


He’s obviously a very good college player, but my point is the main emphasis of his game is penetrating to the basket, and in doing so he will in fact face much better big men in the NBA. He fared much better late in the second half when he started pulling up around the free throw line.

I really, truly do want Mike Boynton to succeed. He seems like a wonderful man and a great ambassador for the University. But I wonder, is he too nice? Slow starts to games, slow starts to the season, letting nine points happen at the end of a game to lose. It seems like we could be a lot better if not great if there were more fire. I got to think that if this kind of game happens to, like a Tom izzo team, there’s going to be some broken clipboards in the locker room after the game.

Be careful what you wish for! In 1970, 71 and 72 OSU was last 8th all three years in the big 8. The record for those three years in conference was 7-35. I would think, if the football program could drop to as bad as it ever was, so could the Basketball program.

No forget that, that argument sounds just as stupid either way you use it.

Hit the nail on the head. Boynton is an AAU kind of coach. We were head and shoulders above TCU in talent but their superior coaching carried them down the stretch.

It’s a big year for coach

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If he dosent get to the dance at the end of the season next year then i will be time to be thinking of a new coach as much as I like him.

I agree with you but I would even go a step further. Just getting to the Tournament is not enough. That is expected at OSU. In addition to getting there most every year, you also need to make a run every now and then.

This is the year Boynton needs to make a run. Cade Cunningham will be gone next year and there are no more Cade Cunninghams waiting in the wings (no more assistant coach spots Boynton can sell). I have zero confidence in Boynton’s ability to develop the remaining talent on the team. Based on his history, it will be a major accomplishment just to keep them on campus.

Need to learn how to finish games. Not a very good look and loss may come back to bite them if OSU is involved for an at-large tournament bid.