Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 80-61 Loss against Wichita State

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On second-chance points, Likekele’s absence and too much yellow.

I am disgusted by our fan base at times. Today was one of those times. GIA is a gift that needs to be filled. I am convinced that Sutton won several close games a year when GIA was rocking. If we lose Boynton in the next few years it will be because of our fanbase not our AD.

The lack of defense on this team lately is crazy. Can’t find anyone in transition and the second chance points killed us. How are we getting out rebounded so bad, unless it’s because we are so out of position on defense. Also it is a pretty noticeable athletic difference when Dizzy and Waters are on the floor at the same time, I feel like only one can be on the floor at a time because they are both slow and somewhat of a defensive liability. But I don’t want to be too negative this team has talent and seems to play well together. These losses are frustrating and I know this team has potential and will turn it around

Agreed. Even though it’s not an easy purchase for me, I bought season tickets for the first time ever because I know we have to eventually start showing our support in more places than on Social.

I also agree with the sentiment regarding the students. They’re going to take a couple hours of breaks here and there whether it’s on Twitter, Intsagram, or whatever, why not spend it in GIA? They’re not studying 25 hours a day as some may make it seem. Honestly, I believe some don’t think we were students too or that our classes weren’t as hard. To the students with that excuse: News flash! Be better students and you won’t be cramming this hard. I worked 40 hours a week at shitty jobs (Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, The Bus) and managed a full class load.

I didn’t watch this one because my daughters and I are in a Christmas play with community theater. I am reading the article though and clicked on the Anei foul clip. That was an unacceptable call. Did you see #2 pumping his fist after throwing himself to the ground. He was smiling. He set Anei up with a fake. I know this exists in basketball, but it makes me the most upset about the sport. You shouldn’t be able to fake stuff to get another player ejected from the game. IT’S STRAIGHT UP CHEATING.