Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-59 Thrashing of Texas

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Seniors showed up big in Big 12 finale.

What this game showed me was what could have been if Ice had not contracted Mono.
The whole team shined today and played like the team that Boynton has thought they were. They worked hard and never let up and did it all on the road and against a very hot team. A great sendoff for the seniors.

Was nice seeing the offense clicking. Great job Seniors! Continue to finish the season strong.

There were other underlying factors that caused the losses, not just Ice.

I agree that there were multiple factors but I still believe it would have been a different season with a healthy Ice. I had mono while a student at OSU long ago and I know how much it can drain a person and for how long. That mono resulted in the loss of my muscle mass that I had built up from doing 100 chin ups every other day during my sophomore year. So it was great to see Ice be able to come back and progressively gain back his strength. He played like a Tornado against Texas.