Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-60 Victory against Iowa State

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Two freshmen Pokes dropped 20 on the Cyclones.

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Doesn’t matter who’s playing or not playing, if you’re going up against a P5 team on the road and you out-score them by 32 over the final 30 minutes, that’s a great showing. They were pretty sloppy with the ball too, they honestly could have won by 30+ if they were cleaner. Shooting 60% is never easy either. Good win. Let’s get a W vs the razorbacks this weekend and then see if those cowards will finally put us in the top 25!


With our full lineup we are definitely a top 25 team, and if not for those 2 guys being injured, who knows how high we could be ranked?

I would have sworn Avery had more than five turnovers.

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Team A:

11-4 (4-4), 2 top-15 wins, 1-0 vs team B.

Team B:

11-5 (4-4), 1 top-25 win, 0-1 vs team A.

One of these two teams is unranked. The other is #10 in the country. You’d assume the ranked team has gotta be Team A, they clearly have the better resume, right? Nope. Team A is Oklahoma state, team B is Texas tech. Can anyone make any sense out of this?


Rankings make u feel nice and warm but really dnt mean much till the end. Let’s just keep winning.
Rite now as the standing set we haven’t beat any in the top 4.

I thought the whole team had more. I think they had a 2 for 1 sale on turnovers :upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::innocent::exploding_head::partying_face::cowboy_hat_face:

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Was a very sloppy game for both teams. Need to get the turnovers under control immediately. Two more favorable games coming up and then the opportunity for another statement win vs Texass. Hope to see Cade back this weekend and we can keep it rolling.

Jeff Goodman has us at 12 in his top 25. Nice to see at least someone is showing us some respect.

Maybe bc Team B has been to the elite 8 and the NC game in the last two tournaments and Team A hasn’t sniffed an invite. Consistency matters. Hopefully we get there.

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My thoughts:

  1. Rondel Walker is gonna be a stud.
  2. Avery Anderson has a chance to be good but plays too out of control. Tries to do too much. Has to slow down mentally and stop with the freak out mode. Too many turnovers.
  3. Cade is a superstar (be happy to get him back)
  4. Cade is a superstar
  5. Likele is a tough matchup for people with his great strength and bulk.
  6. I hope K. Boone and Moncrieffe continue to play well. I realize they won’t do this most the time but just help us get 20 pts in paint. 8 from one 12 from other most night that would help a ton.

Team A also didn’t lose by 25 points to Texas.

That past success really helped tech a bunch against us a few weeks ago. Thank god they had results from old seasons on their side!

Idk about 12 lol, but I like the confidence. I think OSU has done enough to warrant a top 25 spot. They’ve blown the game in their 4 losses, have looked like the better team against every team they’ve played (including all the ranked teams) and I feel like the Baylor loss should have helped them, not hurt them. I don’t understand their reasoning for dropping OSU down in the rankings as punishment for losing to #2 Baylor (who had trailed for a total of 19 minutes all season long combined and their largest deficit of any game all season at any point was 4 points), when OSU was playing without the best player in the nation (any maybe their 2nd best player? Walker looks good) and they held the lead for 24 minutes in that game and had a 9 point lead at one point. They got punished by losing to a top-2 team while trying to win that game with 2 former walk-ons in a game where they played better than anyone else had against Baylor this year. Didn’t make sense to me.

I wouldn’t worry too much about rankings. Just keep winning and get a good seed in tournament. You can’t compare one team to another based off one game on how they should be ranked. If that’s the case, then we should be ranked ahead of Kansas and TCU should be ranked ahead of us so essentially TCU is a top 10 team in the country based on these theories. And yes history does matter. When it comes to rankings the voters base their decisions on who is historically good. How many years it taken Zaga To be consistently ranked in the top 10.

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Our Pokes need to figure out the charity stripe.

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12 is too high. I think around 20 seems pretty fair.

In order to get a good seed, you need to be ranked high lol. I think alittle bit has to do with the post season ban and also osu has not done very well under coach boynton in his 5 years at the helm. If he doesn’t make the turney this year I think it’s time to go looking for two head coaching jobs.

With the ban not happening this year that note is mute. Just like most of ur comments.

As of now, a collapse would be what it would take to miss the tourney. They’re 5th in the conference at the moment, and they have more home games remaining than road games, two of those being KSU and ISU who are terrible. Also have tech at home who they’ve already beaten on the road, and Texas at home who they blew their lead against. The only game remaining that looks almost “un-win-able” is in Waco. And maybe Norman, just because we always love to play our worst possible games imaginable for no reason whatsoever every time we play down there, just like football.