Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-66 Loss to No. 2 Baylor

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On a wacky pregame and Kalib Boone bouncing back.

Kinda hard to get upset at this one. Held the largest lead of anyone all year long vs Baylor, and held the lead longer in this game alone than Baylor had been trailing all year long combined before today. And that was without the future #1 draft pick and one of our most important role players. Still gotta find a way to stop going into these massive scoring droughts late in games. Even though this one had more to do with fatigue than anything else. That, and butler going unconscious late.

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I came away from the first half thinking this looked so much like Eddie Sutton teams. Smothering defense and fast break offense. But with just 8 guys I knew they would use up their fuel playing like that. Very impressive and bodes well for the rest of the season. I thought the first half also answered whether or not Boynton can coach.

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With a short bench and questionable conditioning, why didn’t we use all our time outs? Especially during the 19 to one run! Drew called a time out in the first half when we went up 8 and stopped our run.

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Marshall is the great Boynton apologist. You are telling me that I am supposed to be optimistic about an 8/9 seed (at best) minus the #1 NBA draft pick and a recruiting class with no one of significance? The future is bright indeed! I think I will stick to watching wrestling next year.


Not really any different than the current state of the football program.

Boyton has yet know when to call a time out and it is frustrating as heck. He will let another team go on a 20-0 run before he calls one. Crazy

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On note ice is still not making ft he has got to improve by 10%. What did he have in the Baylor game 58?.
Got to stop getting offensive charges, whole team.