Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 81-77 Victory against Arkansas

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Cade dominates and Moncrieffe stuffs.

Boone is looking good nice double double

Speaking of Boone, I can’t remember ever seeing anyone make as much improvement on the court during a season as Boone has. We see most guys improve gradually during the season or after a few seasons. But this has not been a gradual change for Boone. It’s been a sudden improvement to a much higher level of play. Well done.

He flipped a switch. He’s been incredible the last few games. If we can keep this up I have high hopes for this team.

Sounds like maybe Boynton can coach and players are improving. Don’t expect anyone to admit it, just say’in.


Let’s not put the cart in front of the horse. He is winning. And I’m sure he will make the dance.
Have a very talented team yes.
But these turnovers and not controlling opponents runs. Looks still more like street ball.
I’m not suprised by ur comments. Ur taking a jab. Also, u have no knowledge of the basics.

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I believe the injuries have somewhat played a role as the last few games it’s been 7 - 8 man rotation. The best guys are getting more minutes and are developing chemistry. I do think the turnovers are an issue, but I believe we’ll see less as the season moves forward.

I would like to buy in but I just cant.
We got to upper class men. So they do play a lil out of control. Some of the stuff they did then and now r the same, like offense charges how many of them do we get a game. Yes offense charges r turnovers for ar0 and joe.
When they get 3 turnovers in a row boyton has to call time out and slow them down
They actually do well setting up and pass 3 times.

Isaac has been underwhelming this year. He needs to be better for this team to go far but he is what he is.

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Great game but even better Eddie Sutton T-shirts. Someone needs to sell those shirts, does anyone know if its available to buy or will be available at some point in the future?

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