Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 82-77 Win over Texas Tech

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The Cowboys get Big 12 win No. 1.

Final played strong and pulled it out pretty crazy
Good win.:hugs::wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::innocent::kissing_heart::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

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Good road win against a good opponent. Could of done things a little better but overall they matched Tech in just about every statistical category and came away with the W. Hopefully this team continues to get better and able to get to the tourney this season.

When they learn to run the offense like they did in the first 10 minutes the whole game.

Yeah I know. Kinda reminded me of the bowl game against Miami. Play good offense the first few minutes of the game and then go into Mike Gundy mode and keep it close.

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The basketball team wasnt even setting up a offense. Completely different then what ur thinking. Prime example walker fires off a 3 by himself. That be like Sanders going to the line by himself hicking to himself and running the ball. Now did u see that happen. No. Look joe u have no idea what is being said. Don’t worry at least boynton does he talked about it in pregame talk.

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Kudos to Boynton for showing us that he can make the needed adjustments to turn this team around.

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I know. At least it the adjustments made progress and Boynton didn’t go into Mike Gundy mode and handicap his team.

Yeah…it’s kind of like Sanders going into the game and giving the ball back to the other team. Except Sanders head coach keeps him in the game even when he turns it over.

If boynton does do what Gundy does then were going dancing

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If Boynton does what Gundy does then we would have players transfer out at record numbers.

We do have kids transfering out he kicked a few of. Our only two centers. There will be at least Harris maybe pena will leave. U really make it two easy

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Go ask boynton if after ten minutes he would say the team set up and ran the offense. I will say Gundy makes sure the football team run a play. Dnt even come back with stupid remark. Did u not here how boynton talk about setting up offense. U comparing the to coach just shows how u really dnt understand sports.

It’s TOO.

Your right. He’ll make them run a play even though all the fans and football players themselves know it won’t work.

If you understood sports you wouldn’t give Gundy and overwhelming amount of support. I don’t know if any other coach in the country that thinks having three mediocre seasons in a row is better than making their conference title game.

U double the easy part

U want another loser like leach and boynton

At least Leach and Boynton put forth some kind of effort and try. I think if you asked them both if three mediocre seasons in a row is better than a conference title appearance they would probably look at you like your stupid.

So you’re saying having two 3-7 teams and then a conference APPEARANCE are better than 8-3 Joe :crazy_face: Gheez man you got to get over the Gundy love fest :joy::joy:. You don’t really read what you say do you… and you had to turn it into a Gundy hate post. Enjoy basketball now it’s gonna be fun. You ain’t gonna enjoy it hating on football. What did Gundy do to you as a child take your ice cream away :face_with_raised_eyebrow::cowboy_hat_face::joy:

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They wouldn’t know since neither have won a con champ

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