Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 82-77 Win over Texas Tech

Joe did u read the daily bullet where it talks about Gundy doing a great job overachieving.u hadn’t mentioned it so just want to make sure u knew about the ur heros good news​:joy::upside_down_face::crazy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

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That’s overachieving because he so underperforms in recruiting. But y’all want to act like recruiting isn’t part of his job.
I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t overachiev his recruiting for 2021. He’ll never finish higher than 3rd in the conference and 3rd looks way to high for next year.

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We never said recruiting wasnt part of his job. We just know it would be a miracle to out recruit blue bloods like ou and Texas. So either hirer jesus or Merlin.
Until then I’m glad we have a great coach how outperforms.

Outperforms his horrible recruiting.

Boynton got # 1 class do u think he will perform.:upside_down_face::crazy_face::flushed::woozy_face::scream::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

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You’re going to brag about all of Gundy’s wins against teams like McNeese State and gripe about Cade’s points against teams like ORU?

Well since he was 2nd in the Big 12 and just beat the team that was 1st, maybe pretty good.

What does all mean. Bring up Mcneese state is not a defense for cade’s poor shooting in big 12. Not 100% sure case could beat Mcneese state. What is this first and second stuff. Tech wasnt first. And he didnt beat Texas or Baylor. I swear ar0 u need meds, or at least some coffee
I haven’t done the math but he is under 400 fg and 116 on 3’s. In big 12 two of the games he shoot like 300

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I see pointing out real issues of the basketball team hurts u. I’ll make u a deal keep Gundy out of bb post. I will say some nice things about the bb team​:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::wink::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:
I not hurt by ur comments just tired of them so it’s a fair trade​:upside_down_face::sweat_smile::innocent::crazy_face::scream::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

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DUDES football season is over!! Move on. I watched the game on YouTube and I thought they showed real grit. I love the athleticism and the work. Tech made it close several times even in the first half. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Ice is the third leading rebounder in the Big 12. That is impressive.


Man going to be a close game every night

No. What I’m saying is that it’s stupid to assume that after a conference title appearance your going to have two losing seasons afterwards (Which is what Gundy suggested).

I never said anything about that being okay. So the HC for OSU is saying this is the probability of what would happen with OSU then it tells me he’s not very competent in his coaching, and recruiting abilities (Which anyone with a brain can see after the last few years Gundy is probably correct).

Gundy is essentially admitting to everyone involved with OSU sports he isn’t a very good coach anymore. Yet, he also knows we have people that are stupid enough to keep him and keep throwing more money his way.

I don’t know. I guess when a coach has finished below his conference placement projection seven times in the past nine seasons, and can’t make a conference title game or win a Bedlam game in the past six seasons it would scream to any normal person that maybe a coaching change is needed?

But what do we do? We keep giving him more money for not meeting expectations and we don’t listen closely to what he says on his media days. Texas fired Herman because they simply aren’t where they want to be. They didn’t continue to keep him and give him more money to be an average to above average team.

Joe u really have lost it do u really think peeps r going to read ur rants I’m not

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Yes keep giving Gundy more money that’s what I got out of that good job joe​:upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::joy::rofl::innocent::money_mouth_face::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Joe this is bb article why in gods name r u still talking about gundy

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The problem is when you don’t read my comments it means you can’t acknowledge there might be a problem. How can I expect you to believe there might be one if you keep ignoring valid points and only choose to Kroger what you want to believe?

@joe15 you really need to see a dr , never heard Gundy say he couldn’t coach of recruit​:roll_eyes: heard him say they got out coached but the recruiting part, don’t know where that came from. You can’t even enjoy a bowl win over a team that has finished 8th 13th 18th if I’m not mistaken. It’s somewhere in that range and we handled them with all their stars :star:. You aren’t even gonna get to enjoy wrestling, baseball … you’ll be talking everyone fire Gundy. They look at you like huh , football been over 3 months. Sit back see your shrink or whoever, it will work it’s self out :cowboy_hat_face::joy::moneybag:

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Like I said…if you want to keep giving money to a coach that’s placed lower than his conference projection seven of the last nine seasons then that’s your opinion. All I said is most normal people would be ready for a change. I guess I’m just confused on how anyone could convince me Gundy is making the program better when there have been no results since 2011 to prove otherwise.

I’ve never heard a coach say if you don’t win the conference your just like the other eight teams in a conference. I guess I would say the same thing as well if I failed to meet expectations seven of the last nine seasons.

Exactly!!! If you have a coach that keeps getting outcoached then why do you still hold onto him?

Sorry if I’m a little disappointed that our coach found a way to get us to the Cheez-It bowl instead of the conference title game and New Years Six bowl like most had him projected to be in. This goes back to my comment of why people don’t understand how you can be satisfied with a coach that keeps ensuring his football program underperforms while continuing to give him more money when he creates ridiculous threats. Let him go to Tennessee. He won’t last long there and he knows it.

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I see your expectations are 4th in the conference and a low bowl. Way to dream big. You must hope your kids make minimum wage.

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