Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 83-74 Victory against Baylor

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Still a great time for OSU to pay Mike Boynton.

Boone 2 ft was the start and very big

The girls dug themselves a big hole. Pulled out a great game. Beating ou for the 3rd time

“We didn’t come to play Baylor,” Cunningham said. “We came to win a Big 12 Championship.”

I wish our football program had this kind of attitude and will pounded into their brains.

Did he say that before the game.
This is a great article for u really get off on quotes.
It only means something if he wins tomorrow.

It’s pretty straightforward Robert and not confusing at all. His desire is to win a championship and his coach has that desire as well. The coach AND players both are on the same mindset.

Boynton is not satisfied with 4th and his encouragement to his players have helped them excel their performance as of late.

If I’m Mike Gundy I’m watching Boynton and every basketball game possible to see how a team plays when their desire is to be champions and not semi-finalists in their own conference.

Come back and speak to me when Mike Gundy can make his conference championship game.

U are rite on one thing boynton was happy with 5th

Boone had a great game both the other 2 will need to step up against Texas. Texas will have more rest but they know they only beat tech by 1. How up will they be.

Like I said. Come back to me when Gundy can make his conference title game. Which I’ll assume probably won’t be ever.

Joe why r u so obsessed with me. U say ur smart. U say u know things. If these thing are true u dnt need my approval.
What is ur obsession with gundy.
Its really freaking.
Know I’m being serious. Do u really not see that u have a problem.

What is your obsession with replying to everything I post?

Curiosity killed the cat.
To see what idiotic reply u will come back with.

Where was Bryce Williams during this game? Did I just miss him?

He got sick they said

■■■■, probably caught whatever Culver was spreading everywhere.

That’s what I’m talking about!!! This team has something special going on here…at any game someone else can step up. Bickel up boys we are going for a ride!

Oh my god he’s doing it again…:man_facepalming:t3:

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He ate a spicy chicken sandwich before the game and apparently he couldn’t keep the latch closed so he couldn’t play :joy:


It’s not an a idiotic reply. All I simply said was” Come back to me when Gundy can make his conference title game.” Then you replied to me anyway with something totally unrelated to it. What do you not understand about the message “Come back to me when Gundy makes his conference title game”?

Oh, I’m sorry I guess I should’ve been more transparent. I guess I should’ve said “Reply back to me when Gundy makes his conference title game.” Glad we got the confusion in the text cleared up now. Have a nice day.

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