Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 85-65 Victory against Texas Southern

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MAM can jam.

This team will NOT finish 7th in the conference! They appear to have the potential to frustrate teams on both ends of the floor with the absurd athleticism provided they stay out of foul trouble. Also, this team appears to have multiple guys who can score. I don’t care that tonight was against a lesser opponent, winning by 20 and scoring 85 points was something I could only dream of seeing last year. Last year was so hard to stomach. I was never so happy to see a senior class be gone. This year could be so much fun.

Just imagine what this young team could turn into if only Cade would come back for 2 more years! That is what I thought as I watched this game. The team is talented but oh so raw at this point. They are going to suffer growing pains this year but in years to come they should be great. The game against Marquette is understandably going to look a lot different than the game today. But they will gel at some point and have their share of glory. And I agree that it was a relief to see the seniors from last season move on. And interesting seeing what Brad Underwood is now doing at Illinois. I guess the guy can recruit.

Yeah this team looks like it will be decent and they may make the NCAA tourney this season. I’m not sure exactly how good they will be. Seems like they will be one of those teams that isn’t going to blow by teams, but at the same time they are a team on the schedule that has the potential to play with and upset some of the better teams in the conference.

Much better game to watch than UTA. I was really concerned that amongst all the talent there wasn’t anyone who could consistently knock down open shots but hello Rondel Walker and Feron Flavors. Also nice to see Anderson and Ice improving their shots. Like the announcers said, it will be interesting to see who gets the minutes once conference play begins. Lots of choices but only so many minutes.

Its 3 game against not the best. Last season lost ice for a long time. Try to remember this is the same coach.