Five Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 86-72 Victory against Syracuse

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The Pokes drilled the Orange in Brooklyn.

Great job by the bench of coming in and changing the tone in the 1st half. Fraschilla pointed out how the ball was stagnant against the zone. When the bench came in, the ball moved faster and they made some shots.

Seems like Cam isnt playing up to his potential and if I remember right he started slow last year. Hopefully he can pick it up and this group of blue-collar workers will be fun to watch.

Side note. Tonight’s matchup brought back some memories. Desmond throwing down breakaway jams. That 2003 game, I think OSU was up at half and just went cold in the 2nd. Remember Ivan having a good game

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It was a great game for Yor and Ice! I remember when Ice had three defenders he drove the lane and I was thinking that seems fair.
The “Iceman cometh” is an appropriate title for him. It was a really good win for the Cowboys.

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Yor’s block on Hughes was all-time and the announcers barely acknowledged it! I kept checking twitter thinking ‘surely pistols will clip that and blast it out into the twitterverse’

OSU is a fun team to watch again after not being much fun to watch for a long, long, looooooooooooooong time.

OMG. I’ve put reading the rest of the article on pause to say that Yor block was absolutely insane!!

Is there any new word on “if/when Marcus Watson returns from suspension” @marshall ?

Looks like one heck of an unheralded first class for Boynton. In addition to the blocks Yor also does a great job of moving on offensive sets. I am giddy after watching the pokes drill the Orange in Brooklyn. MB must have a huge smile waking up today. The defense is back. HOF coach threw a bunch of stuff at MB and he had answers for all of it. I am thankful oSu basketball is back.

Crazy stat: Waters and McGriff had (4) turnovers each. When these two guys get going this team is taking another level. Dizzy is off to a really good start and fills the role that best matches his skills.

Sitting around after Thanksgiving dinner yesterday I rewatched this game and noticed and remembered something Boyton said/did. To start the season in the first 5 games the freshman class avg anywhere from 16-22mins a game sometimes more against non threatening teams Boyton was confident in then enough to put them on the floor all alone for stretches, Wednesday we never saw a all Frosh lineup, Boyton has been groom the freshman early on preparing them for when their number is called in a meaningful gam and it was for chris harris who stepped up massively. Alot of my friends and hell even me doubted a bit of the hype train with our starters alm returning and us what I thought at the time was “struggling to put teams away” but in fact it was Boyton coach and teaching the pups. We are gonna have a great year and the true season started Wednesday with a bang! #GoPokes