Five Thoughts on OSU Potentially Starting Dru Brown at WVU

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With Spencer Sanders (thumb) out, Dru Brown takes center stage.

This won’t be a popular opinion for many - but to me, this yet another example of why starting Cornelius last year was the right call. Looking forward to watching a great conclusion to this season. Go DB6!

Disagree with you on Chuba, another year in our program may get him to the first round. He just turns 21 in June of next year. If not he goes in the 2nd to 4th rounds.

If he’s not a first rounder after this season, then another season won’t matter.

I think this doesn’t change much in terms of the outcome in bedlam. We had a chance to win, but it wasn’t massive. Now that Sanders is out, we have a chance to win but it isn’t massive. Not much different. There would be a bigger worry if Sanders was throwing 30 passes for 300+ a game, but he isn’t. Drew can do exactly, or possibly more, than Sanders has been doing in the passing game. It’s not hard to match 170-190 passing yards per game. The only area it will hurt is with the read option runs. All eyes will be on chuba out of the backfield now, which may actually help brown if he needs to use his legs.

It would be silly for him to come back and get 300+ more carries in college.

Chuba is going pro.

Mathematics must have not been your major. First round pick vs 4th round pick, about $30 million over 5 years.