Five Thoughts on OSU Wrestling's 2-0 East Coast Weekend

Originally published at: Five Thoughts on OSU Wrestling’s 2-0 East Coast Weekend

The Pokes beat No. 15 Pitt and No. 20 West Virgina.

According to the radio broadcast, Surber has a new injury. This time an ankle.

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Sometimes 1 can lead to another ,do to favoring. So he may not been ready just saying

And former Cowboy Travis Wittlake was seriously injured last week while working under his car when the jack failed.

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165 is a really deep weight in Big XII. While WVU and OSU could wrestle again at Big XII tournament, it would be surprising in the finals give Missouri and Iowa State each having a former national champ at this weight.

Without Surber, we don’t finish in the top 5 at the NCAA.
Haas shows me no potential at all. He failed to follow through when he had control, looks like his gas tank is close to empty.
I always have admired coach Smith for telling it like it is. He said to be able to catch up to the top teams, they can’t afford to make any mistakes in assessing talent when recruiting.
I think he is admitting what we have seen in the recent past. Guys who are good, but not good enough to beat the better wrestlers, hence setting a program record for most seasons without NCAA championship. Removed Tyler Caldwell as director of recruiting. I think Coleman Scott doesn’t give up a head coaching job without being told he is being groomed to be considered for taking over the program. Perhaps as early as when Sam Smith finishes his career. I don’t think John wants to continue very much longer if not in contention for championships. With Missouri back, OSU is no longer Big 12 champion.
I think on his radio show Monday night, John will say he was not satisfied with the WV dual. Haas was an embarrassment, and a number 2 guy losing was unacceptable.