Five Thoughts on OSU's First Depth Chart of 2021

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On Brennan Presley requesting flags and oodles of depth across the board.

Yeah not having the LT spot decided is concerning. I know the ole saying “If you have 2 QBs, you have none” but does that apply to LTs?

In this case it mite. If the giants foot work isn’t good enough for the passing attack.
For everyone who wants younger players just wait for next year on defense. I know Jeff was have a hard time reading the depth chart, the 4th reciever has only 2 freshman. So that would mean a freshman would start.

The first bedlam goes to osu. Girls soccer won 2 to 0.
Uo keep up their name by scoring zero.

Jeff dosent have a hard time reading that position only has freshman to play that but nice try and what about your thought as a hole looking at it Robert0

It obvious you took the two tho because everything backs what I say up

You could elaborate on it as a hole tho and I wolill listen

On the other article. U said there were no young guys. I was just pointing out to u there was a spot on the team where a freshman will start. If u would have just read the list better, u wouldnt be a black hole sucking the life out of us.