Five Thoughts on the Big 12 Wrestling Championships

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On a disappointing night, reassuring afternoon and more.

Surprised and not surprised is how I experienced the tournament.
I was surprised to see 4 Cowboys in the finals. I only predicted Fix and Plott, and Fix as our only champ.
Williams was not going to beat that tall guy in the finals even if not injured.
Nor was Plott going to win
Had Surber not had earlier injuries which left him as a different wrestler, the race going into the finals would have been closer, but the outcome would be the same.
I doubt that Williams can heal a shoulder injury in 2 weeks, and I don’t think last years Surber will show up in KC. At the most, Cowboys finish 5th at NCAA. That’s if they tear it up in consolations. There will be no champion from OSU. PSU will set a team scoring record.
Spratley lost because he lost focus when he checked his mouth for a second.
As I wrote before, this is a really good team but not a great team. It takes a great team to win a championship.
John Smith looks really tired.

Plott doesn’t seem to defend against Keckeisen takedown shots. I know he is a super strong bulldog, but at least don’t give up the legs so easily. Would have liked to have seen Christian Carrol in a couple of matches this year. Watching Konner is so frustrating. Williams scares me when he always puts his own legs in potentially dangerous positions when trying to counter takedowns

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Plot better get lower if he faces him again. He can’t defend that guy high
Overall a good season, not our standard but a great start next if John can fill the holes left
Bad for Pott that Kreckeisen will be back next year
There wi be some shuffling in the hvwt, 197 and 184
Supposed to be a stud coming from Calif to maybe take one of those weights plus Carol

“don’t give up takedowns to the best wrestler at 184”? that dude is a machine. short torso and long arms - he gets to both legs EVERY FREAKING TIME. Plott is a stud - love watching that kid wrestle.

“Would have liked to have seen Christian Carrol in a couple of matches this year.” You and everyone else! Konner is actually pretty athletic - but just like Brayden T, he NEVER initiates any offense. agree… very frustrating

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the stud from Cali (currently being coached by Daniel Cormier) is expected to be at 197. Christian Carroll at HWT and then Cael Hughes sliding into the 133 spot vacated by Fix… Should be fun to watch

We also have the stud coming over from Japan - don’t remember what weight he’s at
Spratley and Jamison are going to continue to get better… Future looks bright but no one is dethroning PSU anytime soon.

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Thanks for reminding me about the Japan kid. Completely forgot about him. Hope he’s just close to Utake , I know he isn’t him just hope close

I still can’t figure out why Carroll wasn’t on the mat since he would not lose his redshirt if he only had 4 matches. I thought Jersey Robb would perform better than he did. The guy coming in at 197 coached by Cormier, and the guy replacing Fix, and the Japanese guy must be the ones Smith alluded to in an interview recently. The Japanese guy is 133 if I recall correctly. So who goes at 133 since Cael Hughes and Rin from Japan are same weight?
One enters portal?
One moves up to 141 to try to take over that spot?
Williams should be really good when he learns some orthodox style of wrestling.
Should be a more productive team next season, but how do you replace the points from Fix?@
. I hope to see Surber and Doucet as backups only. Cowboys in later part of season gave up the early on attacking style of offense and were too defensive.
What happened to the kid from Ohio with last name of Jordan that committed one or 2 years ago?

Surber is a senior, he’s done.
I believe he and Plott came from Tuttle in the same class.

the Jordan kid (Beric Jordan?) decommitted and flipped to OU. he’s a 125’er i think.