Fix, Ferrari Fall as Oliver Makes Olympic Trial Finals

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A recap of the events from Fort Worth.

There still young and learning. Good for Oliver to bad he will need to do more if he wins the trails.

What does this mean that Oliver’s weight class has not qualified for the Olympics?

No one in that weight has out performed the high countries.
So u have 120 countries plus other entries. They can’t all have a free bid.

Interesting to hear Jordan Oliver say that the reason that he is now winning is because of a change in coaches. He is now with Kenny Monday and Coleman Scott. I was always surprised that OSU did not get Monday as an asst. coach when Guerrero left for the OU RTC. Something is missing in the Cowboy wrestling program. But Jordan Oliver reminds me that we need to have more recruiting in the Pennsylvania area. I lived there until recently for 27 years and have seen the level of talent in that state. Next season I am most looking forward to seeing what a healthy Dustin Plott can achieve. Also, really hoping he does not have a similar situation as Boo had where he has to wrestle with a bum shoulder most of his career and have ongoing injuries. Also want to see what Daton Fix changes for next season since he is not used to losing like he has recently been doing. John Smith thinks the reason for loss in NCAA was because he did not face enough competition. I always thought it was a mistake when Fix took an Olympic redshirt year to sit out. I keep saying Fix has to come out early in the periods being much more offensive.

Coaches are like lovers, love the one ur with.
Oliver is 30 now and has a different mind set then when was in college. Not taking anything from monday.
If u move penn state out of Pennsylvania mite help our recuirting.
Only time will tell on plott.
If a kid is serious about Olympic’s then a redshirt is what they do. Look at aj gain 12 lbs. In two weeks but no real matches at the new weight. There are benefits to the redshirt. We still get fix for 2 more years so no foul.

This has the relationship backwards. Coaches have to figure out how to get the most out of their athletes.


U missed what I was saying.
Anyway Oliver is 30 and a big boy now.
Complete different mind set as a 18 to 22.
They still list him at Sunkist whats with that.