Football 2020 Season

I think it’s time we turn the page on the 2019 season and look forward to this season. I think a nice way to start out would be to have people throw out their wild predictions to see where we’re at.

  1. Illingworth starts at least one game this year. That’s not saying he takes the spot from Sanders, but that there’s a game where he gets the start.
  2. We pick up someone legitimately big-time from the transfer portal, but also lose someone surprising to transfer as well.
  3. CJ Moore goes for 800+ yards and 6+ TDs.

Your turn!


I’ll also follow up with this, since Amen would (one would think) likely be the most tuned-in to Chuba Thinking.


I will do some predictions after we have Chuba’s decision. But assuming he is back, the basis of my predictions will be associated with my “Returning Triplets” post from earlier today.

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I would love to participate…however, my last BOLD pre-season prediction was SO off…pre 2018 I said Patrick McKaufman was going to be breakout player of the year …the following week he was injured and now he his transferring… keeping my mouth shut for 2020


Oh, these aren’t hardcore ‘this will happen’ predictions. I won’t be keeping track or anything. Just what are some things you think may happen this year?

  1. Deondrick Glass will be the backup tailback by the end of the season.

  2. Sanders will have 8 or less turnovers on the season.

  3. Braydon Johnson and tylan Wallace will be neck and neck in stats.

  4. J Bernard is moved to corner and Bundage is moved to his safety spot.

  5. (Boldest of them all) We play Texas in the Big 12 title game.


Homecoming on Halloween against Texas will be a top 15 game.


Whew those are some hot takes brotha.

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Lol, the Sanders turnover one… :grimacing:

Regarding the Rodarius Williams decision last night to return to college, as opposed to declaring early for the NFL: I heard he actually wrestled with it. I know some people probably thought he probably had no choice, but he’s got a young baby girl who is less than a year old and a girlfriend to support. Going pro was in the cards. Nonetheless, huge for OSU that he returns given AJ Green’s graduation. Gives OSU another returning starter on D.


Lol on 5.

Until ou does something crazy like, I don’t know lose more conference games than big 12 titles, it’s not a bold prediction it’s a silly one.

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So, what you got, oh great Nostradamus of the Gridiron?


For me? I put them in the first post! Illingworth starts a game this year, we get and lose someone big to transfer, and CJ goes for 800/6.

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Floor is probably 8 games
Ceiling is 10-2, L to ou in the big 12 championship, cotton/fiesta bowl appearance. (Sugar is the CFP next year)


It’s almost like this thread is for wild predictions or something?

I wish Sanders had one more year under his belt before next year… with Tylan and maybe possibly perhaps who knows Chuba coming back. A two year starter at QB going into third would have made next year dreamy

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I like this one.


I’m standing outside in 35 degree weather right now, and yet I feel completely warm because of how hot these takes are. I absolutely love it


Hard to jump offsides from the S.


But if anyone could figure it out, it would be Bundage. :laughing:

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