Former In-State Standout Recruit Collin Clay Transferring from Arkansas

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Clay was a long-time target for OSU in the 2019 cycle.

This would be a very good fit. Gundy needs to get on the ole interwebs and make it happen.

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I’m sure Gundy’s son is all over it for him.

I can’t help but wonder why he’d transfer. He played in 11 games so it’s not like he’s seeking playing time. I guess it’s possible he’s homesick or whatever, but it could also be that he has some unrealistic expectations. I mean, you played as a true freshmen in the SEC. That’s about as well as you could hope for it to go. What more does he get from transferring? I don’t know, seems to worked out for OSU with Antwine so maybe it works out again.

I think he might want to win games.


what are the realistic chances of landing him?

Hopefully Osu tries to go back after him,he gets a hardship wavier,& transfers here. With 11 games already he could help with a defense that needs help