Former Oklahoma State Big Yor Anei Commits to SMU

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Anei will be a Mustang.

Anei left what could be an excellent team to play on a mediocre team. If he wanted to showcase his talent in post season play he could have done that during the regular season at OSU since all scouts will have eyes on Cade Cunningham. I have no idea what his reasoning was. He would have been a big fish in a big pond and now he will be a big fish in a small pond.


I’m sure smu is a solid team but this is an odd freaking weird decision. Almost mind boggling.

SMU doesn’t sound like a good choice but Its a great decision. A team that won 19 games last year that returns their whole team. Its a veteran team. They really have one piece missing and he fills it. They are also adding the 2 year starter from California that sat out last year that averaged double figures his first 2 years. SMU will be in the tournament next year (if there is a tournament). It sucks losing him b/c with him we had all the pieces and now we are missing it but he wanted to play in the tournament and as of right now, we’re not in unless we win the appeal. But I expect SMU to win the AAC next year.

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