Former Oklahoma State Wrestler AJ Ferrari Charged with Sexual Battery

Originally published at: Former Oklahoma State Wrestler AJ Ferrari Charged with Sexual Battery | Pistols Firing

An update to the AJ Ferrari saga.

I hope he takes this as a learn trip.

I guess it hurts our chance on his brother.

What is up with his second brother. I do know he didnt think we recruited him hard enough.

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This sucks on so many levels. I will point out the silver lining that our school takes these things seriously and we don’t mess around with people who will drag down our reputation and character.

I hope justice is done, any victims find peace, and that any guilty parties find reformation and redemption.


Are you kidding me? OSU doesn’t need or want to have anything to do with the Ferrari family.

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I was hope that the other to wouldnt turn into a circus.

I dnt anything about the youngest. But the other seem to have troubles too.

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Oklahoma State is better off without AJ or any of his relatives.

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Do you know something about his brother?

They got the new jersey shore going on.

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Even if the brother is of better character than AJ he won’t be coming to OSU. He would be coming to campus with a ton of baggage. It would be a mistake for him to try even if the family is okay with him coming.

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I knowthe second one has issues.

Withthe young being at stillwater ididnt know with time.

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I think the second one doesn’t even live in their house. From what I’ve read he’s AJ 2.0
What a waste

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