Former Oregon Commit Stephon Johnson Commits to Oklahoma State

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Johnson reopened his recruitment after Oregon’s coaching change.

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Are we not going to use Mason Gilkey as WR ?

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They are. That was my bad.


He will have to earn playing time. Good luck and show up!!

I have a feeling we’re going to have some receivers in the portal before next season ends.

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Why did I expect anything less from Joey :thinking::thinking:
They may all stay Joey , they aren’t all doom and gloom yet. Just hope they don’t read your posts

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Scholarship should have gone to defensive side of the ball or for an O line guy. We have more receivers than we can ever put on the field, hence, a prediction for a rush to the portal is an easy prediction to make. These kids want to play.

Doubt it. We’ll lose people. That’s just the way business in college football is now.

:arrow_up: this right here.