Former OSU Cornerback Target Jahdae Barron Requests Release from Baylor

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This could be good news for CB-needy OSU.

“He was rated as the No. 348 overall prospect in 2020, which would make him the second-highest rated signee in the 2020 class for OSU if he were to commit.“

Wow. I have not kept up with FB recruiting. Is this an accurate statement?

Yes. Grungy is killing it on recruiting trail! Can’t wait to see what he has coming in the next few years🙄. O yea his son with no other quarterback commits. He needs to get that other coach with the round ball that makes 4 million dollars less than him with the number 9 recruiting class in the COUNTRY to recruit for him.

The word out there is Gundy is going to join Yurcich at Texas, and the goal is to leave the cupboard bare to make it easier.

Wow is right! If a no. 348 recruit would become our second highest rated recruit, what are we doing?

I wish he would.