Former TCU Running Back Signee Dominic Richardson Signs With OSU

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A huge addition to OSU’s roster.

I kind of hope that TCU dissing him, and OSU only recruiting him after they struck out elsewhere puts a huge chip on his shoulder and he becomes an NFL caliber star.

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If Deondrick Glass would turn into the player he can be it could be another Justice Hill Chris Carson situation. Glass is the lightning quick receiving back and this kid is the short yardage thumper that crams it down their throat.


Glass is 215 already. I watched Richardson’s highlights and he showed plenty of speed. I like the idea of having 2 backs who combine power and speed.

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I am impressed with his strength, he will need that and more in the Big 12. Love the stiff arms and guys bouncing off of him. If he signed with TCU how come there was no scholarship left for him?

They took a 5 star late in the process.

I don’t know that 6’ X 205 is “great size” for an RB but it’s a good size. He doesn’t look that tall to me, maybe 6’ with the lid on?

Zach Evans could be a monster but it looks like he has a strong sense of self entitlement, there are rumors about an attitude issue which is probably why Gundy didn’t offer him. Let’s see if that changes when he starts working out w/ a college program.

Good comparison. But I’m thinking Joe Randle and Jeremy Smith ala Bedlam 2011!