Former Wake Forest Defensive Back Trey Rucker Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU adds more safety depth.

success breeds success

This kid has experience. Nice numbers. And 3 yrs starting 2022. So nice pick up.
Joe ought to be happy Indiana north Carolina and Maryland all try to recruit him. But only a 3 star.

Happiness is a state of mind. I’m happy for the experience he brings. Makes the secondary better.

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Any coaches in the portal?

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I know u could declare for the portal

That’s what they strive for. 3 stars

Is this the big recruit that y’all alluded to?

It maybe just a player from wake forest. But it’s still a power 5 school. He started as a freshman. He has 3 yrs left. His ranking numbers weren’t great, but was recruited by alot of other power 5 schools.

I’d love for the big talkers on here to explain what their approach would be to getting these big time 4 and 5 star players to buy into living in Stillwater for at least three years.

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Same way you get them to buy into living in Clemson, SC or Tuscaloosa AL–winning.

We been wining for 15 yrs

Not enough to attract top-flight recruits.

Just like Stillwater just enough to push a recruit over the edge over a blue blood

Do u remember that last time we got the number one player from texas. Remember how much it cost. And what we lost.

Last year Cade Cunningham! What do I win?

Like usual ur posting in the wrong sport.
But that cost us an assistant job.
Cade isn’t playing and how good is his brother as a coach. I know u thought u were going to come in and win the day.

I’ve heard Cade’s brother is one of the best coaches on the staff and relates to all the players really well. Don’t know how reliable it comes from a close friend of Holder.

Well u and Jeff have all these connection Gundy should be gone soon.
Well unlike u I got a busy day
Northern Iowa at 100
Arkansas at 300
Isu at 600
I’ll look in ever once in awhile no how u guys get being left alone.

If recruits see that they have a chance to win conference championships and perhaps play for a Natty, they will come. When you’re consistently losing 3-5 games/year and finishing as an also-ran, not so much. Top recruits don’t go to Columbus, OH, Clemson, Tuscaloosa and Athens for the night life. They go there to win.

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