Four Biggest What-If Moments in Mike Gundy's Tenure

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What could have been.

Couple of other what ifs:

  1. 2009 What if Gundy had started Weeden in place of Zac Robinson, who was so badly injured he couldn’t throw the ball.
  2. 2012: What if we stop Blake Bell at the goal line, preventing OU from tying the game up in the final seconds of regulation?

Both of those are good. That 2009 Bedlam game was maybe the toughest ever to watch.

A couple of things.

The kick was good in my mind, but I could be wrong. That miss ignited the love affair between ESPN and the SEC that continues to this day.

Gilbert interception screamed for review. Even if you don’t over turn it you owe it to the players to get the review. It also would have given oSu a chance to rest and regroup. Worst in game mistake of Gundy’s career IMO.

2014- No way MG is making 5.2 million if OU wins that game.

Mississippi cheated to get into the 2015 Sugar Bowl. Had they not cheated it would have been a SEC team with similar talent that did not get caught for cheating. That doesn’t take away the fact oSu didn’t have enough talent to win high profile bowl game anymore. I am pissed Ole Miss cheated but I can’t use that to deny oSu was ill prepared to win a game of that magnitude.