Four Potential Breakout Players to Watch This Spring

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Four guys to keep an eye on.

Martin always impressed me when he was in the game.

I just hope we move beyond the “look-to-the-sideline-until-the-ball-is-snapped” defense. Get lined up. Know your assignment. And attack.

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The one problem with martin was he couldn’t catch undefended passes
The new kid is a better receiver.

That would be amazing. Martin had 80 for 1046 and 10 tds his last season. I don’t know if Stribling can reach that due mostly to the questions at QB. we’ll see though.

If alan is ready to go. I dnt see this being a factor. Every spot will be better. Locked on osu thinks we will have 4 new starters on the oline. I see 3. Either way we will be better. With tunnel vision Richardson gone, the rbwill be better. With the new kids being so tall will help. Im not saying strilbling will be 1000 yards but i think he will be better then martin. I hope we have our dropped passes fix by not having martin, woods, and the 2 Johnsons. Those guys drop wide open balls. I dnt blame kids that get a ball striped.