Four-star Bixby Guard Parker Friedrichsen Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU lands a huge commitment from within the state.

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This is a great grab. A local kid with talent.

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Wow! 28 ppg! I love it when in-state talent decides to stay local.

Needed a shooter bad. Good get. Now coach Mike just needs to find some shooters for 22.


So was D-Will, that does not always translate to college

On paper this looks like a great find.
For Big 12 play he is really going to have eat a few more Big Macs. Looks really thin.
You just never know. The above comment is appropriate. Donovan Williams was a bust. Maybe because of his injuries?
Glad we beat out OU and Underwood for this kid.
I would like to see Rondel Walker hit the portal so we can get a shooter for 2022.

You would like to see Rondel hit the portal? What the heck for? The kid can score, even tho he slumped some this year, he can defend, he plays incredibly hard. That kid definitely needs to stay cuz he embodies the work ethic you want your kids to play with.


Agree! Rondell is a Warrior and we need his energy. I like Ice’s D, passing and rebounding but his shooting is horrific. Is Ice coming back for the extra year?

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What the hell? Rondel is a very good defender on top of being a young guy that will have his opportunity next year.


Hope ice melts and we can get back to having a guard that can’t get his own shot and and put the team on his back. Please for the love of god!! As far as Rondell he has be a bit of a disappointment so far but still hope. Hope this bixby kid plays smart and protects the ball and can hit free throws. We need some smarts on the court next year.

All credibility lost…

Love Rondel Walker’s game.

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Like the pickup, Boynton has a decent track record of bringing in high end local kids.

Obviously we don’t know how the portal shakes out for everybody but the 2023 class will potentially come in to a team with only 5 returning players with a senior class of Woody Newton, Tyreek, MA, and Rondel and then Quion Williams as a sophomore. So lots of opportunity for this dude to come in and be a shooter first and foremost and grow into a bigger role.

Folks Covid years could jumble that up though and I’m not entirely sure what class Big Bernie is as far as his eligibility goes.

I think Rondell is the Sampson on the team. Since he cut his hair his offensive numbers are way down. I remember when he got here he was pretty decent in shooting. I’m not sure if it’s him or if he has been restricted from shooting.