Four-Star Forward Eric Dailey Jr. Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: Four-Star Forward Eric Dailey Jr. Commits to Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

OSU lands one of the best prospects remaining in the 2023 class.

This class is shaping up to be a good one! Hopefully the 2023-24 season turns out to be great!


No center. Im mean big center. Not hs center.

Brandon garrison is a center

6’9" ok. Boone was a center in hs too.
Cissy has been bullied at this year at 7’ 2" and a pro talent.

Garrison looks a lot thicker than both Boone and Cisse. Hopefully he can add a bit more weight at OSU.

Good get

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Definitely a good pickup but when is that going to translate to wins?


When we get a new coach. Just like Gundy, Boynton is not capable.

This has become: Naysayer nanny boo boo whiner corner

This forum has three or four folks who post continuously, each repeating what they have said before, always some version of fire Mike Gundy or fire Mike Boynton. It detracts from the great journalism of the site. It would be better if there were some minimal rules and moderation.

But, I remember the words from The Big Lebowski:

“No Donny. These men are nilhists. Nothing to be afraid of.”


It is getting frustrating, I agree. But, man has he had an uphill battle ever since he started here. Let’s give him a few years without the drag of the post-Brad cleanup (pellet gunmen knuckleheads, then FBI, then NCAA incompetency and revenge). Coach Boynton will turn out to be worth our trust and patience.

One conference title in the next 12 years should be good enough.

“No Donny. These men are nilhists. Nothing to be afraid of.”

It’s amazes me how y’all embrace mediocrity in football but expect to play in the tournament every year in basketball. You better just live up to your name and go drink beer.

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It depends on our definition of mediocrity. I don’t use championships as my only criteria. If that’s your only criteria, and your only response is to fire coaches until you win championships consistently, you’ll never be happy. Since our 2011 team, other than the Sooners, there has been no one team consistently winning the Big 12 championship. And the Sooner automatic years are over, even if they were not bolting. And ask Texas how their ten years have been. My most important criteria are to have a clean compliant program and to turn out excellent young men ready for success in the world, while most seasons winning 10 games and providing excellent entertainment for the fans. That would throw out the Briles championships during the Baylor Max Penitentiary years. You may see that as mediocracy, but I don’t.

As far as a beer, why yes, time to have one. Maybe a nice craft West coast style IPA tonight.


@beer Now you’re talking. I’m into home brew myself. Do a 5 gal batch just about every two weeks and split it with my daughters boyfriend. Right now I’ve got several varieties available. Kolsch, lemon shanty, chocolate milk stout, oak barrel stout, farmhouse ale (tank 7 clone), Shiner Bock clone and a hefeweizen that is currently in the fermenter. Not a fan of IPA’s but like just about everything else.


Since 2011 Baylor has won 3 k State has won 2 and Gundy has won zero. Last 5 years he’s only had one season with 10+.

Common ground! Home (garage) brewer here too! 5-gallon, all-grain, direct to Corny kegs…five taps including one nitro tap. I don’t brew as frequently as you…you are a beast.

Experimental single hop IPA (McKenzie hops from Oregon) in fermenter. On tap: two different winter ales, a white Russian milk stout, and a nice Lone Star clone (my Texas neighbors love it).


It’s good we are figuring out our definitions and criteria. I certainly don’t count the two Baylor “The Criminal Years”, because they don’t meet my higher priority criteria. (Clean program, graduate excellent young men)

But I understand that you would be OK with a Briles boys will be boys rape at all costs program. Your choice.

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