Four Star Forward JT Thor Commits to Auburn Over Oklahoma State

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A Sunday stunner: Thor is headed to Auburn.

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It was probably Gundy’s fault.


Just as an FYI, Auburn uses both Tigers and War Eagles as a mascot.

He chose a place where his odds of starting were close to 100%. He had a lot of competition to start here. He may not have started until he was a junior. Anei would have been hard to beat out and Boone was really starting to pick things up toward the end. He would have been a huge contributor for us but most likely not a starter. We could really use a solid wing grad transfer. Like a small forward to go with flavors and the other shooting guards we have. That’s the weakest spot going into next year.

Bummer! Real bummer man

Since he woulda played a four, dont see yor being a problem. When he didnt recruit til april, i knew osu wasnt the place.

I know your being sarcastic, but if thats what made his choice then happy he not here.