Four-Star In-State Lineman Announces OSU Visit

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Sexton announced OSU in his Top 5 in February.

Please include where he goes to high school and how big he is.

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He is from ok. U can go to go pokes and get all that stuff.

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He is one of three oline that we need to get. For some reason his #'s have fallen.
Still like to get banks.

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The point I’m trying to make with the author, is I as the reader shouldn’t have to research to find basic info on this recruit.


Baffling why this isn’t a standard in every single recruiting article. I have wondered the same on many occasions when reading about a recruit here.


I was just trying to help. Yes I know what u mean

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No worries, I did look him up on 247. He’s 6’5” 285 and goes to Deer Creek.

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Right. I’ve said that on here before. How difficult is it to state in articles where these kids are from and high school???