Four-Star, In-State Tackle Jacob Sexton Includes OSU in Top Five

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Sexton is the No. 3 prospect in Oklahoma.

Well what can u say be a great player for joe jeff and ar0 to cry about
But for the rest of us. U know my feelings bring him on board. Be great to over ride the Sooners. Him and Presley really on r way


Top 5 and ou is the favorite. Why is this newsworthy

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Well till its 100% and we get the one back Hubbard lost us

It’s really weird I did even know Gundy gave offers to 4 stars​:rofl::joy::innocent::star_struck::boom::scream::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:
What would happen if Gundy got a top 25 class
Just fined new chit to cry about.

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I would be ecstatic if he got a top 25 class. That would quiet my recruiting complaints for now.

Till the first one in portal

All these high star guys have a passion for going to the NFL … they think going to the goons is best. They never look at the percentages of going… like 3% … Jenkins is supposed to go first round. If you can play doesn’t matter where you go


I agree with you BUT, they still want to win a ring and Stillwater as we all know don’t have any rings to give out as long as mayonnaise sandwich eaten gundy is there. Fact

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I hope he understands if he comes here there is a good chance due to his high caliber rating that Gundy will send him directly to the transfer portal.

Doesn’t do any good to offer if your just going to send them directly to the transfer portal after having them commit. The only thing that matters for Gundy is seniority and Cowboy culture over actual talent. One reason we can’t even get 2nd in the conference any longer.

When one of those guys in the portal does good u. Will have a start. But these guys just like more then 1000 other players ar not good

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You can’t tell how good they are if you don’t play them.

So we now treat college football like kindergarten
R u handing out preparation trophies

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If I’m going to hand out preparation trophies then Gundy certainly isn’t getting one. Nothing in the TCU and OU game showed me he was prepared at all.

Yea please tell me when one of these loser transfers hooks up with a high profile school !! I want to follow him till he drops completely out

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Oh you’ll see it. The coaches will be elated that they were able to get a high caliber player on the field to help them win while at the same time wondering why Gundy runs them off from Stillwater.

There ya go making schit up again. You’ve let your hate for Gundy rule your feeble a** mind and don’t know it. Do you have any idea what it takes to have a team go 8-3 in a pandemic?

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Tell me or show me one !! Just one that’s moved on and doing well. You can’t do it , you aren’t doing anything but speculating

Don’t ask me. There are about 14 other coaches and teams out there that can tell you exactly how hard it is to get 8 wins or more during a pandemic.