Four-Star Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe Commits to Oklahoma State

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OSU moves into the top 10 in the country with its 2020 recruiting class.

After these miserable last 2 seasons I don’t care if OSU is not contender for the Big 12 next season. I think most of us at this point will settle for watching a team that plays good basketball and is coached well and wins a lot of games and qualifies for the NCAA tournament. Now that Boynton will have good players we should see what kind of a coach he is.

Could someone please tell Boynton that you can’t recruit in Stillwater.


Stillwater > Newark and it ain’t even close

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@kyleporterCBS I think you give your self to much credit when comparing his competition to yourself. Lol. Stay in your lane and just keep writing good OSU content. I’d hate for you to jam a “typing finger” playing ball. Lol

Spoiler: Boynton is a terrible coach he will be fired on March 29th, 2022 per my sources

:joy::joy::joy: only Gundy thinks that!! Look at the latest baseball and wrestling recruiting classes too!!! Both top 10

Where do you find baseball recruiting rankings.

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They were on this site once I believe, but check I think it was the number 4 class in the country

A lot of talent coming in next year. Do the pieces fit though? I think Thor might be the biggest key to this class. We need a good big.

OSU basketball needs to make the tournament next season at the very least. Anything short of that is a major disappointment. Everybody likes to rag Gundy but he wins games, and last I checked YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!! Sure Gundy doesn’t beat OU but who does in the Big 12? In case OSU fans haven’t noticed, OSU hasn’t beat OU in basketball very often in the past decade either.

So right. We need a Big big, not the beanpoles we are known for with exception of Big Country.

Admittedly, I’m not a b-ball guy, but my question is: can Boynton coach? His record stinks, and it seems he hasn’t made any progress with the team this year. And it’s not like we’re devoid of talent. Not trying to be critical, but does he know what he’s doing?

Boynton can certainly recruit top level talent. He appears to be good with media, students, fans, alums, and former players. I like that Boynton is good with alums and former players because in my opinion Travis Ford was terrible in those areas. Travis Ford was more concerned with telling former players what movie he starred in rather then welcoming them back to the program. I think the verdict is still out on whether Boynton can coach. If he can’t, it isn’t from lack of trying. Next year is a massive year for Boynton. The Cowboys half-court offense has been painful to watch this season. The defense needs to sell out create turnovers and get out in transition. If you know you’re terrible in the half-court, why not run the floor more and attack?