Four-star OSU OL Target Jaeden Roberts Commits to Auburn

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OSU misses on this big man, but still has plenty of targets on the board.

Not shocked

Of the 3 mentioned…which 1 provides highest probability for signing? None of their 247 profiles indictate OSU is in a position of strength?

Between him going to auburn and Brandon leaving for the portal all in one day I would say it’s been an average day for the mullet.

If a QB who was never going to get on the playing field leaves and this frees up a scholarship, then it is a good day for coach Gundy. It will be a good day for me when I see Gundy with a normal hairstyle. Stillwater always had a reputation for being a few decades behind the rest of the country and Gundy’s out of date mullet only reinforces that backwards perception. Some recruits from large cities are probably already going thru culture shock when they arrived in Stillwater for the first time and seeing how Gundy looks does not help. He has enough money to afford a consultant who can teach him how to attract national attention without looking a bit bizarre as a coach.

Touché…I can’t say much to that response really. You did hit the nail on the head with the hair thing. You know all head coaches have their thing like satan I mean Sabin with the crocodile Dundee hat that he wears in practice and stoops in his visor and Paul Bryant in his checkered hat ext. well here comes the coach of the school I love dearly coach Grungy/pat Jones with his mullet! I mean it’s hard enough to recruit to a non blue blood team but this mullet runs kids off from big cities and he needs a news flash immediately! Look there’s no turning back and that’s the problem and we need to move forward with new blood. Thanks coach Gundy for all that you have done and we will put a statue of you after we get one for our only Heisman Trophy winner but as things stands don’t hold your breath. Ps from a pissed off osu fan.

Can’t wait for basketball tho!!! I say this every year but this year I really mean it.