Four-star OSU Target Jaeden Roberts Sets Commitment Date for Wednesday

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Roberts is a top-150 recruit from Houston.

He wont pick OSU. They couldn’t even get a legacy commit. Their 4 star was downgraded to 3*.
Mike Gundy continues his terrible recruiting
A frustrated fan

I highly doubt that we get him, but I must applaud the OKST staff on this one. Making it to the top 3 on a highly touted recruit is progress in the right direction. I want to see more of this from our staff moving forward.

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How is Oliver being downgraded to a 3 star Gundys fault?

I think we have a real shot at this kid because of our offensive line coach is proven to put kids in the league. He’s already got Kelvin banks a :star: :star: :star: :star: kid committed for 2022 so I have faith in this guy. What we are missing are the other position coaches stepping up their game especially running backs coach. It also shocks me that Coach Dunn with all he has done with receivers can’t pull a five star and does not go after them. He seems to go after undersized really good players. Is it the culture or Grungy I don’t know but I will blam Grungy

Hope we continue to go after sec defensive players like this LB from Louisiana. If we are always going to go after 3 star kids then get a sec 3 star kid over a 3 star Texas or Oklahoma kid any ■■■■ day. But I’m head coach. I would love to talk to Grungy and pick his brain man!

A legacy who lived and grew up in Washington and not Oklahoma. That probably had something to do with it.

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Both articles I’ve seen on Rivals and 24/7 say we are the favorite or real close. We will see I guess

The kid grew up in Washington and is a self proclaimed Washington fan

Ah ok, makes sense then.

Dunn has got a 4 star WR almost every class. Langston Anderson redshirted last year was 4 star. LSU transfer Dee Anderson, 4 star. CJ Moore, Ateman, Tylan Wallace. All 4 star WRs. Tyron Johnson 5 star transfer. You must not follow our recruiting very closely.

Yea like I said if you read what I said and I quote “ coach Dunn with all he has done with receivers can’t pull a five star kid (Tyron Johnson TRANSFER) And does not go after them. So tell me what five star kids he recruited and got? Nobody but a transfer in which I do not count. We have more biletnikoff award winners than any other college football team for crying out loud. I’m not saying the guy can’t coach but no reason he can’t get NFL caliber ready to go players on this team. Dez Bryant is the only NFL good one we have to our name. This is what you call the CULTURE effect that plagues our big twelve Championship wishes year after year.

There are only about 10 5 star WRs each year. You clearly dont follow recruiting or you would know only top 8 to 10 programs get those the other top 25 get 4 stars. Dunn has recruited the best of any of our position coaches. Of course he is now o.c. you’re kinda clueless man if you are upset at his recruiting. He gets a 4 star wr about every class.


My mistake most years there are only 3 or 4 , 5 star WRs. Did you know that there are only 25 total 5 star football players each class. They mostly all go to top 6 to 8 teams.

That’s nice…but yea my point is they don’t go after the five star guys. You know the “Culture”.