Four-star Recruit CJ Brown Commits to OSU

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A big week for OSU in recruiting gets bigger.

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A wine with Texas and it’s a great week.

I wonder which position OSU recruited him for? I’m guessing secondary?

Running back

If the last 5 years tells us anything, he has about a 30% chance of ever playing for OSU.

If he signs, I’m no longer worried about the RB position post Chuba.

LD is good, Dezmon looked good, Richardson looks to be solid, jaden Nixon is looking like a solid pickup, and then getting CJ in 2022 makes me feel like we’re in good shape.


Just curious, but what wine will be served with Texas this weekend? I’m assuming a dry red wine like a cab sauv since the Texas mascot is the Longhorn and that pairs well with beef. :wink: :laughing:


Great post even tho my fat fingers meant win, it’s all good in the end​:wink::crazy_face::innocent:

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Well if he is 70% bad we don’t need him​:thinking::crazy_face:

If your a 4 star recruit or higher you very rarely get to play at OSU. Really it’s his fault if you think about it. He should’ve kept himself to a 3 star level or lower and he would’ve been a shoe in for some playing time at OSU. Cause that’s what Gundy does.

He makes sure to play players to the level of success he wants to achieve. So in this case, it’s 6-8 wins a season while the payroll bandit (Gundy) continues to be one of the highest paid coaches in the NCAA.

If we were smart we would go get a coach that would actually coach to the level that Gundy gets paid to do without making excuses of why they can’t win a conference title more than once every 15 years.

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Mr. BROWN should have talked to Mr. GLASS.

"4☆’s don’t go round here, lawdog "

Ur a troll

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U real seem to be a troll

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When Gundy beats herman by 20 he will be looking for a job. If u could actually name a coach that will 100% come in to Stillwater and win a natty and stay 20 yrs I’m all ears. Other then that stop trolling.

The last great Beggs RB actually was a discoTEX Shorthorn, Rodney Tate, who had a couple of cups of coffee in the NFL.

Probably a zerOU fan.

Poor Bevo, PETA come rescue this abused animal. :sob: :rofl: :joy:


That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, no one is asking for a natty as you call it. And 20 years is crazy too. Bud Wilkinson wasn’t at OU for 20 years, neither was Barry Switzer or Bob Stoops, in fact they have only had one coach stay 20 years.

LD really needs to stay another year, I think he’ll get drafted if he does. If he goes after this season he’s gonna have to get picked up as a F/A or low round, which makes it that much more difficult to stick w/ a team.

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I will need a lot of wine now​:rofl::wink::upside_down_face::innocent:

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