Four-Star Recruit Eric Dailey Jr. Signs with Oklahoma State

Originally published at: Four-Star Recruit Eric Dailey Jr. Signs with Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

Dailey puts pen to paper with the Pokes.

Takes some of the sting off the Lexy news.

Now, we just need a somewhat decent coach.

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Same ol’ same ol’

  1. Sign big recruit
  2. I get much excite
  3. Team underperforms
  4. Big recruit leaves

Nothing new under the sun…


Yep. Doesn’t matter if you have the best recruits in the country if you can’t coach. Boynton has proved this for the last 6 years. I wish I could completely underperform for years and still keep my job. Yawn. Just another typical year for OSU.

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Then don’t watch. Don’t support. Stop crying all the ■■■■ time you miserable ****.

It’s hard to continue to get excited about OsU sports across the board lately. Inconsistent performances. Baseball team has some hitters but the pitching is falling off, especially relievers. Golf team is not winning anything. Wrestling has been left behind. Football sounds like it will be really shaky. Basketball will have to rely on freshmen during Boynton’s final season.


You must enjoy losing. Bless your little heart.

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I remember his pop at TCU playing under Moe Iba. Terrible teams but he was a tenacious rebounder at 6 foot 6 and they played us in a home and home his Jr and Sr year so hopefully Eric can bring that same toughness to our team.

I’d like to pat myself on the back for this one. Almost exactly a year ago.

I wish I was this good at keeping receipts on the stuff I get roasted for.

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