Four-star WR Rodney Gallagher Commits to WVU Over OSU, Others

It’s sad when you decide to ignore what everyone else posts and think you’re right all the time. Do you ever consider looking at things from another point of view for once?

Leach needs all the help he can get, you are rite there.

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You and jug aren’t everyone but or nobody.
Joy I look at your post every direction I can. They dnt make sense backwards either.
When you stop picking one event or item I will look at your post like there really. Stop using double standards. Stop moving the bar.

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It’s kind of like when you tell me we’re winning. When I ask what we’re winning that merits any significance you don’t have an answer for me.

Stop moving the bar higher than what it actually is.

Dude what is a Fiesta bowl. That’s not good enough for you have you moved the bar again.

Joy stop. You moved your bar.

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It’s something we should be winning more than once every 10 years.

Your rite thats why we have won 2 in a 11 years. Please move on. We hadn’t gone to a major bowl since the 40’s. Gundy has gone to 3 in the last 11 years. How can you not see that.
We the normal people go off what has been gone. You like your dad sleepy joe want to project what could happen in the future.

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What in our programs history supports this statement? I mean everybody wants it but I don’t what merits saying “it should be happening “

It’s still once every 10 years anyway you look at it. Stop trying to make things look better than it actually is. Let me ask you a question. How many years is it if you go from January 2011 to January 2021?

You tell me. Robert and Michael are the ones talking about how we have so much winning. I’m just trying to figure out what exactly of merit we’ve won besides one NY6 bowl in the last 10 years. Even Iowa State, TCU, Texas, and Baylor can brag about that. If Gundy is a step below Jesus according to Robert and Michael we should probably be doing better.

Your the one who said we should be winning more, tell me why.

Because we’ve proven it can happen. Were you sleeping during 2011 or something? The conference is definitely in worse shape than it was in 2011. Now all of a sudden we shouldn’t expect to win the conference or just be ecstatic to make it to the CCG? I guess as long as we have stability that should be more important than trying to win the conference.

2011 drives your whole thought process. In away it was the worse thing to happen because we got yahoos like you smelling blood.

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So one outright conference championship in 60 + years means it should be happening regularly?


For you it was the worst thing to happen. Some of us expect to be better than 4th or 5th in the conference with the best coach in school history.

I never said it should happen regularly. It’s not inconceivable to think it should’ve happened in 2013 or last season. That’s what happens though when you create a game plan like you’re playing Kansas in big games like that.

Sometimes you have to stop being scared to win trophies that help put your brand on a national stage. God forbid we get better recruits and accolades as a football program. I guess as long it’s better than the Bob Simmons era, right?

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You act like everything is so easy to do :rofl:

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I never said it was the worst thing. That would be having fans like you. Your chasing your tail again.
Move on to new stuff you never proved any of these things

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I never said it was easy to do. Eventually after making regular bowl games on a consistent basis people become serious about investing more into the program to make it better. Most don’t sell out to the stability argument.

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Most fans of the perspective school they support would like to do more than just make any bowl game after doing it for so long.