Four Thoughts on Colorado's Reported Move Back to the Big 12

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On Yormark, the Pac-12’s fatal mistakes and more.

The reality is that at first glance CU doesn’t seem much of an addition to the B12. However, the Buffaloes bring back familiarity, a land bridge to BYU, another Mountain time zone all at a time when interest in CU football from their own fan base has soared. Potentially, the biggest aspect of this, is the domino effect. Arizona schools, Utah? What are Oregon and Washington thinking?

The domino is the only thing that excites me about CU addition. This should get the ball rolling on others (hopefully). If Deion does turn CU football around it will be temporary. He’ll be gone after 1-2 good seasons (if he has them).

I’m trying to look at adding CU through Yomatk’s perspective. I think he likes that Mountain Time Zone as well as the domino effect.

I swear Bowlsby was probably the absolute worse commissioner I had ever seen. Dude did not care AT ALL. Some people say Yormark is a little on the weird side, but at least he’s pulling strings to save this conference, while Bowlsby did nothing but play golf all day while making millions.

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The PAC 12 really did just have a choke of epic proportions. Like Golden State 3-1 or Atlanta Falcons 28-3 level of choke.