Freshman Pass Rusher Collin Oliver Garners More High Praise as Season Approaches

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“I think will probably be an All-American by the end of his career.”

Martin said he is the chit

Sounds like he could beat out out Tyren Irby right now, I mean they say he’s a freak and I haven’t even a thing about Tren Irby which brings me back to Gundy finds a way not to play talent over maturity. If I have to hear gundy talk about mature body’s or his body needs more time to mature I might drive down there and slap the ever living chit out of that man. Dosent matter what his body looks like! I see smaller dudes all the time year after year that are smaller and even winning Heismans (Alabama receiver last year). What’s his malfunction?

Gundy is to worried about player Safety to be a winning coach. Crazy he is the only coach I have ever heard talk about this to nausea.

Gundy has been overdoing the analytics side of things for far too long. The entire “15-game” QB production theory. Drives me insane. You either recruit a guy who is good enough to run the offense competently at a high level in the first few games, or you change things within the offense to fit his strengths and minimize his weaknesses. It’s not an impossibility. Other QBs all over the country are figuring it out inside of 15. Why does Gundy insist on thinking it takes our guys longer. Hell, it took one HALF for us to figure out Weeden could do it. And…one half to figure out Alex Cate couldnt.