Fun idea for Baylor replacement

Josh Heupel from UCF and that other place would be a very interesting hire for Baylor. What does everything else think?

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But why would he leave? His team is getting all kinds of attention right now for being “national champs” lol. He’s probably having a great time recruiting and everything else that comes with all that attention!

I think they should hire Ken Starr to be the football coach.

Head Football Coach Satan

One of my Baylor friends texted me today and said somebody on one of their boards (in all seriousness) said: “Dabo likes the Christian environment and is looking for a change.”

I died.


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If Dabo prefers a Christian environment, he should stay far away from Baylor. :man_shrugging:


Head Coach Joey McGuire. Book it

Saw “Jerry McGuire” and thought “show me the money”…

Removed my star after being sad.

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My apologies even my phone wanted it. :joy:

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From a reliable source: