Game Preview: Can Hubbard Dominate the Wildcats Again?

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Will we see Hubbard pulling away from K-State defensive backs again?

So ksu is not strong on blitz, but they will do more. Why? Its thought are line is weak. 2nd sanders cant handle pressure. So as long as we play away he is good. Gundy will have a wrinkle. And for joe, wallace may be a decoy this week. They got a extra db back but it’s the other receivers will be big. 42 pts

Defense control Vaughn . Pressure the freshman. Keep both Vaughn and howard in front of them 21. Give a td to st, they have a good st unit.

For those on the trans portal. Ksu has lost 8 half way thur the year. It’s not only Gundy. Texas have decommints and cant sign legacy’s.

He’ll be lucky to break 130 in this game behind this offensive line.

They have scored 42 points all year except Kansas. Kansas State isn’t nearly as bad as Kansas. I think they’ll be lucky to break 30 in this game.

Joe this why every knows ur an ou troll. U hate everyone on the team. I’d be happy if Hubbard got 130, u make sounds like a bad thing.

What other proof do you need? Look at the start of the game!!!

  • Three punts on their first three possessions

  • Sander can’t do anything without Wallace

  • The OL can’t block for Sanders, Brown, or Hubbard

  • The defense can’t stop the run

They are getting manhandled by a team with less talent and a coach from North Dakota State. Keep flying the Gundy flag though.

That’s a no.

Mines flying sorry for the win