Game Preview: OSU's Defense Returns to Where It All Started

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Two of the Big 12’s best will go at Saturday inside BPS.

Please!!! For the love of God send Ford up the middle and Bundage on an edge rush all game long against Brock Purdy.


This is the first time u’ve made some sense :exploding_head::hugs::innocent:

I really hate to write this, for fear its jinx us. The biggest reason this defense is good is stopping long 3rd downs. If we don’t let purdy make 3rd and 10 it will work.

It will be a good game but I have in my Cowboys. I hate to nitpick but you need to spell Oklahoma State correctly in the standings list if you are an OSU Blog.

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I will be in a class all day, but I have a plan to sneak the game and watch it!!! Don’t mind the guy in the back row with an iPad and a laptop…I swear I’m paying attention!!! Go Pokes!!!