Game Thread: Arizona State 🏈

Yeah, pretty on par with Coney Island IMO. Not sure why they try to highlight the chili spaghetti when it’s their worst item there.

Coney Island is saltier/more savory.

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Coney I-Lander (CIL) is still the king for the small dogs, but Ron’s is king for their frito chili pie and 3-way. Their regular chili/cheese dogs are also awesome. Ike’s also puts out a good 3-way


Ron’s Sausage Chili Cheeseburger is a thing of beauty.


Double Meat Chicken Caesar. Fantastic.

After the 44-10 Bedlam I went there. Mr. and Mrs. Weeden walk in with a case of Coors Light. They were having a GOOD time. He cuts everyone in line to right behind me. They used the last of the ranch dressing on my pita. The look on Weeden’s face was pure disdain.

So on a great night, I disappointed QB1


Is the game on Youtube yet? I haven’t seen a Big Dave upload


Who’s Bob?