Game Thread: Tulsa at Oklahoma State Week 1

So take 2 on this game, thought we could officially start a game thread.
Was just wondering if our O-Line is going to be able to handle the D-line from Tulsa. Also, as someone pointed out on Twitter earlier, Tulsa has some serious length in the secondary.

TU is stout at LB.

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You gotta wonder if TU has practiced enough to even put up any resistance. The teams that haven’t had many practices or limited contact have been brutal. They had 7 practices in 17 days of fall camp. Then this week. How many live reps were their guys able to get? It can’t be many.

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Good point, I do wonder about their wind. I mean I know all teams aren’t in “game shape”, but they may be worse off.

Pokes by 90

We better hope so, I don’t wanna fall in line like the other teams did this weekend lol

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I think the Oline has some time to get adjusted, but I also think the defense comes out firing. A sack and INT/fumble from KHP and there’s a quarter where Tulsa has 15 total yards or fewer.


Love the optimism for the D. Trace Ford is going to have two sacks.


I think the D will have a “few” slip ups. Overall it will be a good showing.

@ScottCorken, need an updated O/U on number of offside penalties by Bundage?

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The O/U is set at 4.5 this week.


One thing I think the week delay did was give Tay Martin more time to establish himself in the rotation.I predicted Johnson would be our leading receiver for this game so I’ll stick with it, but I could be way wrong.

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I think we rush for over 300 yards.


Looks like we hit that 4 times last year, so I like that prediction. I could see us breaking 400 once or twice this year.

Offense stays vanilla in what would be a typical start against non FCS in the 38-17 range but the defense has a day and gives the offense enough short fields we get a 54-24 rout (Tulsa scores 10 in first half, nothing until late 3rd quarter TD, and another TD against the 3s sometime in the fourth)

Tylan eases back in (4 catches on 6ish targets, 85 yards, no TDs)
Chuba cant be touched when he gets a hole from O-Line (17 carries, 115 yards, 2 TDs, 3 receptions for 38 yards, sits early)
Sanders (25-31, 3 TDs Passing, 1 Rushing TD, no INTs!)
LD Brown breaks 2 long ones, has a day.


I think the starters are going to get more run than usual, this is their best chance to get some legit reps before West Virginia the next week


True, True… 10 game season and all.

The hardest thing for the coaches to figure out will be the risk/reward for keeping starters in. People like Stoner, Tylan, Chuba, and Spencer probably don’t need as many reps and you don’t want to risk injury if the game is a blowout. The defense is also really experienced and keeps the same coach so we will probably break in some new guys. I bet 54-20 and a decent amount of young guys play towards the end (no loss of eligibility this year so no reason not to see what you have).

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Hot take: I’ll bet a Ron’s sausage chili cheeseburger Bundage plays a squeaky clean game . You have to deliver the burger .

This is going to be a good Game for us to tune up .


Too logical for OSU sorry Charlie

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