Game Thread Week 8: Texas @ Oklahoma State

Surprised this thread hasn’t already popped up. I see you guys are still trying to nurse the loss from Saturday.:joy:

If Sanders plays: 37-31 Pokes.
If Sanders doesn’t: 34-13 Texas.

Sorry but I don’t have much confidence at all in any non-Sanders led OSU team. Especially since we’re banned from gaining more than 2 yards on a handoff.


I have no idea what to think on this game.


Gunnar Gundy leads the Pokes to a 38-35 win and Steve Sarkisian tries to fight Mike Gundy on the 50 yard line.


Im drinking orange kook-aid for this game. So tired of hearing about Texas. They’ve been “back” for a decade now. Until proven otherwise, they’re #SameOleTexas.


This defense has shown they can get shredded, and Ewers looks like he can be that guy at times. Not to mention Worthy and Robinson are guys who are going to be playing on Sundays next year. This game could be a shootout if the TCU first half offense shows up but I’m not too confident right now. Spencer’s health is also in question. Thinking this is one we’ll have to take on the chin, 38-23 Texas.

If sanders doesn’t play there is no reason to even watch the game

Thinking back on all the balls Sanders missed/underthrew, he’s gotta have some shoulder shitt going on. I know it was talked about during the week but people were saying non-throwing shoulder, that definitely looked like his right shoulder was extremely uncomfortable


I say F it and let’s see what Gunnar can do. A 100% Gunnar can’t be as bad a banged up Spencer. Gunnar is likely the starter next year anyway.


So I’m Hearing from multiple people in Stillwater that the word is Sanders felt worse health wise last Monday than he does today. The pain was from a hit he took vs tech, and he was aggravating the pain while throwing vs TCU but as far as it healing, it’s healing from the hit he took vs tech. Throwing Saturday just slowed the healing process but didn’t further injure the shoulder. No clue if that’s true but I had a grade 3 shoulder separation before the season ever started in my last year playing, and when the season started it still hurt but I threw on it. It would hurt for a few hours then would be fine the next day. Hurt less and less each week until a few weeks later I didn’t notice anything at all. No idea if that’s sanders’ situation but it could be legit. Then again I was getting hit by 140 pound kids, he’s getting hit by 240 pound dudes who run 4.5’s every play so maybe he feels like crap.:man_shrugging:

Does that sound at all true @marshall ?


Sanders plays. Texas gets exposed on defense. Our Run defense finally steps up and makes them one dimensional and we roll 34-23.

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Sanders obviously had gotten a shot in his shoulder to help and it showed early in the game and then again right after halftime. It was so obvious when you look at his performance in the first two drives of the game and the first two out of halftime. We scored 20 points on those drives and he looked good. However for all the other drives Sanders went 3 for 20 passing with one TD and one INT. It was obvious he was not able to complete all the passing.


Cowboys 37
Horns 28

Cowboys have found ways to score all season and will continue to do so. I think Iowa State showed a good formula on how to defend Texas


Completely agree that his shoulder had a lot to do with the dropoff from half to half. But a lot of it also has to do with our non-scripted playcalls. Basically every single game all year except for maybe the first drive of CMU, Sanders has started games blazing hot and then has went completely cold after half. It’s like without our scripted plays Dunn has no idea how to call an advantageous play. It’s almost like he goes “we’re running ____ here no matter what. Let’s hope it works.”

ISU is one of the most sound defensive teams in the league and Texas still ran the ball rather effectively vs them. Nothing we do will slow down their passing game, we haven’t shut one single D1 team down this year in the passing game. That’s what I’m concerned about. Assignment misses will burn us more than once this week. Always do.

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Texas ran for 191 at 4.4 per rush. Solid, but not terrifying.

ISU passed all over Texas with poor running (2.6 yards per run). Tech also passed all over Texas with poor running (3.4 yards per run).

ISU didn’t get any sacks and only 4 TFL, but still limited Texas from passing much. They figured it out even if they lost.

Tech and ISU were successful passing with poor running performances. The formula is there for the Cowboys.


I still think the Cowboys are the best team in the conference. TCU game could’ve ended up just like the Baylor game had there been 1 more stop, and folks wouldn’t be freaking out.


Yes. Wouldn’t be calls to fire everyone and burn down the school with just one more stop. Defense was shredded at the end. Not only blown coverage but inability to tackle.


It’s easy to blame the defense, but the reality is they did make some huge stops. It’s just as easy to say that one more score (FG or TD) would’ve won the game. I thought the defense played well in the 1st half, and then their performance dipped as they spent more and more time on the field.


Offense played well first half also.

This, all of this.

Even the defense from last year would give up drives when they were on the field too long. Going 3 and out 3 times in a row Saturday did not help us at all. Players will get tired and they started to gash us. One of the tell all signs was the attempts at arm tackling, those players were gassed.