George Marsh Has Signed to Wrestle at Oklahoma State

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The Cowboys add another big man to the lineup.

What is the weight limit at heavyweight ?
Will Marsh have to slim down ?

Can he play football?

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285 limit in college. He has to drop some weight. Finally a big man with skill and the right weight. This means that AJ Ferrari is going to have to stay at 197. I wonder if he is able to maintain that weight? If not, then he competes against Geo the Giant and someone ends up transferring. But this team not only has a lot of talent, also has much depth. That’s how you compete for a national title, finally! Who is pulling off this high level recruiting that we have not seen in a very long time? No longer have to settle for having one great wrestler in the lineup and the rest really good. Now we will have a lineup of multiple potential finalists.


Thanks for the info… AJ would have to put on a lot for heavy weight, I think he has a real shot at a title at 197. We do have a loaded roster at most weights now. Keeping them all will probably be impossible. Things will shake out in a year or so. I’m guessing the assistants are doing the heavy lifting in the recruiting. I’m glad to see it.

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Sure glad I didn’t have to feed him…

You think this guy can beat AJ? :smile: I think Ferrari will go at 197 anyway cause he’d find it tough his first season at heavyweight but I can see him moving to heavy by his junior season.

He’s from discoTEX, he had to have played in HS.

New Braunfels is a cool lil town.

I don’t know if Geo can beat AJ or not. My concern would be AJ now weighing 220 lbs going up against Geo who would be at 285 when the season starts. 60 lbs difference means someone might get injured. I am guessing that AJ intended to be at 197 but at the time we did not have a true heavywt so they might have thought about talking him into gaining weight. But then we have the ex-Purdue heavyweight supposedly joining the team and now Geo. So no need at this time for AJ to be up a weight. So our 197 guy gets to go back to his natural weight at 184 and be even more effective while Taco goes where?
Reminds me of the story when I wrestled in the OSU intramural tournament and my opponent weighed 50 more lbs than I did. His fraternity brother did the weigh in.

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AJ has said he’s interested in eventually moving up. Check out previous articles on here. 60 pounds is nothing. Dr Death gave up more than that to Mitch Shelton. Some UFC heavyweights have given up around that much and beat bigger opponents. It’s not all about weight though as you know.

Did you whup that fatty in the tourney? :smiley:

Hardly a fatty. It was 123 weight class in 1968 or 1969 and I weighed 107 lbs and my opponent later told me he weighed over 150 lbs. I quickly was viewing the lights of Gallagher Hall but the ref did not immediately call the pin because he was a member of the Cowboy wrestling team, Charley Holman, and he later told me he held off on calling the pin to give me more time to get out of it. I never wrestled in high school except for gym class but my opponent had been a wrestler in Oklahoma. He was also several inches taller than I. But I was better attired with an international wrestling uniform from a Japanese university.
But in high school gym class we had to wrestle for 6 weeks and one day I wrestled a kid who weighed over 200 lbs and I weighed 102 at that time. I did beat him. I felt really good about that until he later told me he had asthma. So he ran out of breath during the match.

Should’ve let him know that excuses are the patches of failure.

I hope AJ is at 197, he will either win it or be a high metal placer. Remember he is unusually strong according to his videos working out. Unless he gains 50 lbs all of a sudden, he needs to stay at 197. With he and Fix and a couple of others should be high round material if not win it all. I’m excited for the next 3 years

I showed mercy. After he was lying on the mat near the end of the period and I got a takedown for that, my classmates were yelling for me to just plop on top of him for the pin. Seemed to be no need for that. MMA was not yet invented.