Georgia Transfer Guard Sahvir Wheeler Includes OSU in Top 10

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Wheeler was fifth in the NCAA in assists this past season.

This is a guy we need to get. Averaged 7ast. 14 pt.
Had 13 assists in one game. How many games did we have less then 14( a lot).
I know some of u think assist are just some stats.

Very concerning that Boynton hasn’t capitalized on getting a proven scorer and big man from the Portal. It still may happen but it’s getting late with about 85% of the top 100 in the portal have committed elsewhere.

The big man is who we need most. I think Boynton is trying to reel one in but so far it seems that no big man is biting on the OSU brand. I would not bring in someone who is only 5-10 to play against the big trees in Big 12. Get the big center and a legit 3 point shooter. Anything less, then the team does not go very far. It’s time to get over the hump and start getting back to the Sweet 16. Also time for the NCAA to close the portal and consider it bad for college sports.

We’ve added a big man. Is he as big as we want…maybe not but we lost 2 guards and so we really need to add some talented guards. Adding a big man that isn’t going to play shouldn’t be a priority. Adding better talent is the key to really winning the big 12. Thompson, Alexander, Robinson, and Wheeler are really the only names that stand out that will come in and really give us a better crop of talent on this team.

I don’t think there us a big guy left for what we want.
They one we got i don’t think will help us on defending the goal. But is at least some help at the high post scoring

Anyone know who Boynton is saying we have a commitment from on twitter.

Nope. I was wondering who it was but couldn’t find an answer.

I don’t think we get this kid. I’m not sure we want him if AA comes back. This kid and Ice on the floor leaves with two guys who can’t shoot.