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I am officially on the hype train. Most impressed with the execution and timing of the plays. He hasn’t been tested in Big 12 play, but I have no doubts he understands how the move the ball. I never bought the idea of hiring a coach from a lower division will keep them in Stillwater longer, but I really don’t care. I am just glad he is here now and running the offense.

I agree. He seems comfortable with experimenting a bit, which is a good thing.

I think the play calls were very similar to what we’ve seen in the past. Bubble screens, deep passes into double coverage. Run left, run right. The big difference was the O - line getting down field. I’ll credit that to Dickey, not Gleeson. Still didn’t see any breakout plays for Jelani. What did y’all see from Gleeson that was so different other than the level of execution?

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The execution on those screens seemed much better. Receivers were blocking and there was room to run after the catch. Woods was wide open for a TD once and Sanders missed him.


I’m not an x’s and o’s guru, but I wonder if that isn’t a result due to the quality of the opponent. The really good teams seem to sniff out those screens quickly and blow them up with good tackling.

That being said, I could totally buy the idea that Gleeson is running certain plays/sets for the bubble screens to set up a different look when he faces the big dogs.

Let’s circle back after Texas. The playbook is not being shown at all. I’m excited for what potential Gleeson has shown though. Can’t wait to see what he will draw up later in the season

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I am still waiting to see multiple QB’s on the field at the same time.

{Whispers into my hand} “Maybe he is our Lincoln Riley…”


Glee Club?


I thought of that after I posted. Then I thought I hope PFB doesn’t make Glee Club shirts :wink:

But our t-shirt ideas always go so well.


If I had photoshop skill I could put a that PFB Chubba graphic on his foreman guards!
48650918363_990dfce099_o|690x459 .

What are the thoughts on Gleeson now?

Wait till texas

All aboard. Next stop Austin.

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Meh. I’m not there yet

Hopeful that the UT game comes with better play calling, mostly in the passing game. Also hopeful that Jelani gets a couple catches

The non conference play calling feels like a Pat Jones influence on Gundy. I don’t get it. Gundy publicly says oSu runs the same plays every year and then spends the non conference slate running half of the plays. Losing 5 of 7 Big 12 openers tells me the other teams in the league know what oSu is going to run and it hurts oSu. I think that is a Gundy direction and not a Gleeson preference.

I think it’s pretty clear we had 3 separate game plans for the 3 non-con games, passing-wise at least. Put the 3 together, along with our run game and I think it will give a more accurate picture of what we’re going to look like.

That being said…if, if we win Saturday I would like to see some Glee Club t shirt mock ups, if that’s possible

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