Go Pokes!

Here were the hater complaints going into this game:

  • We’re only going to win three games this year! Well, we’re 3-0, buckos.
  • This offensive line is terrible and we can’t run the ball. We had a 200 yard rusher, baby lookin’ like Barry Sanders out there.
  • Gundy doesn’t show any emotion, he doesn’t even care. Gundy was pretty fired up about that make-up call on the sack.
  • We need a special teams coach! Our special teams has been pretty dang special lately. Those punts. That blocked kick. Chef kiss.
  • Gundy’s not aggressive enough and he’s too conservative! What about that go for the throat DAGGER to Cabbiness?


  • Boise State recovered that ball and we should have lost! Ok, so you going to give Gundy credit for the Central Michigan game? No? Then be quiet.

Can’t go 13 and 0 with out going 3 and 0


I was waiting for the whole hater platoon to show up, but of course, they won’t. These so-called “fans” are bitter that the team they supposedly support won. You know they’re actually angry that their team succeeded. Really think about that. Bitter at a victory. If that’s you, then wake-up call: you aren’t a fan.

I’m sure they’ll come up with their spin, probably that Sanders still looks lost out there and Gundy can’t coach QBs (which is nonsense since he’s had several successful ones playing above their potential) or I’m sure we’ll get that the ref call gave Gundy the game we should’ve lost, but see the CMU comment above.

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Did someone say “Beetlejuice” 3 times? Cause heeeere I aaam!!! Thrilled with the 200+ yards by Warren! Stoked about the continued dominance of the defense. Special teams have truly been a positive this year overall. That was one wacky game. GO POKES!!! Great job finding a way to get it done. Duñn’s playcalling was crappy again tonight. Granted, he’s got receivers hurt all over the place. Spencer was only sacked 3 times. Good job from the o-line tonight. Hopefully tonight is a sign of improvement. Some of that is getting a guy or two back healthy and some of that is just Warren’s vision and running style.
I will stand by the fact that almost every issue we had leading up to tonight, is ultimately Gundy’s responsibility. He should be gone. Now…y’all can pile on all you want against me for being anti-Gundy, but at least I had the stones to show up to this thread. Have a great night!

I’m not sure if we’re get any players back. More and more keep getting hurt.

We got one back on the o-line I thought.

One step forward 3 steps back.

Good on you.

Special teams that miss 41 yard field goals and punt 25 yards are something really special. If you make the 41 yard field goal, you don’t need to block the field goal at the end because they need a touchdown.

There we go. Don’t stop being wrong!

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I have been a lurker for years. The state of OSU football and Jake4s constant approval of a failing system has pushed me to create an account to comment. There is a difference between “hating” and disapproval. I can absolutely support a team and not approve of how things are run. Its not hate. Its a higher expectation. I expect after investing HUNDREDS of millions of dollars into our program to out perform the majority of teams regularly. I expect that we occasionally have a team that can compete for conference championships with the ACTUAL expectation of winning it once in a while. Why can every other team in the conference pull out multiple wins a decade against OU but OSU cannot? After investing millions a year into coaching, I expect the utmost effort put forward by our coaches. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Recruiting is always well below average, I consider that a coaching issue. Year in and year out we regress with little or no adjustments and then see absolutely no repercussions because of it. In any other profession if you under perform year in and year out you would be fired. After a certain point as a fan you stop willing to take the underperformance and start to suggest maybe its time for change. That doesn’t mean we dislike the program, if anything it means we want better. People on here constantly badger on about how much better we are now compared to where we were in the 90s. Cool. You cant compare OSU with the current infrastructure thats in place with the OSU of the 90s. It doesnt make any sense at all.

If you want to continue to support mediocrity by all means go ahead. Don’t act like you 're morally superior to the people here that are looking for a higher level of success. The university, the students, the alumni, the city all sacrificed a lot of money, effort, and time. We expect a return on our investment.


Offensive line still sucks. Passing game still sucks. 30 minutes of football and we have 7 yards passing. Finally Gundy shows some emotion after 3 games. Should’ve started doing that when he had the chance to lose to Missouri state in the final minutes. Blocked kick saved the game but the punting was not very good. I think the commentators said there was like a 25 and a 30ish yard punt. Can’t believe they threw the ball on the last play with all the success they had with a QB run on 3rd and long. I think it would’ve caught them off guard after the 17th time. Yet again we ride the defense to a win because of sheer incompetence from the offense. We put together 1 drive all night and it was bailed out at the end. Can’t keep lucking into wins with no offense.

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I’m glad u got a good rest and ur back at it.

Glad you still accept mediocrity TShirt boy.

I will take a free tee-shirt, do u have one

Nope but I’m sure you could ask someone in the trailer home next to yours. They’d probably have an OU one for you TShirt boy.

They are sleeping in after get drunk over the great win.

So glad you made an account to post this tired criticism.

It’s interesting you compare this to other jobs and getting fired for underperformed. First of all, that’s just deluded and wrong. People never get fired for underperformance in the real world. It just doesn’t happen for two reasons: 1.) There’s too much red tape to fire people. 2.) When you fire someone, you’re wasting all of the time and effort that went into that person’s development. It’s generally better to see if you can salvage that person’s knowledge and experience.

Yes, people in high profile jobs get fired frequently like CEOs and coaches because it helps public perception. It’s the easiest, laziest way to make it look like you’re doing something… by literally scrapping everything and starting over. I’m not saying that’s never the right call, but it’s overprescribed.

Now, who exactly is Gundy underperformed against? He’s one of the winningest coaches over the last ten years. The standard you’re seeking is impossible and would indicate 90% of coaches are underperformed which leads to lots of turnover in the coaching profession, and 9 times out of 10 doesn’t lead to any better results. Because, again, it’s lazy and doesn’t address the problem. Take Texas as an example. They’ve hired and fired several promising coaches and even in basketball with Shaka Smart. Their football team still sucks and Shaka took a lesser job to escape being fired. There are clearly institutional problems in their athletic department, but they just keep lazily firing coaches.

I’d like to know what magical world you live in that people who underperform dont get fired? I have worked in many industries from kitchen dish pit to sales to systems engineer and now to manager. I have never been in a position that I had not seen people get fired. Everything about your argument is false. Everyone and there mom understands OSU expectations. We dont require a cfbp. We expect to consistent success against our opponents. We expect consistent success against our rival. We dont always expect to win but we at least hope for the same amount of wins in a decade against OU as Kstate. I dont think that’s asking much. We have the facilities to produce top tier success but we inevitably lose against middling conference opponents randomly throughout the season. Why? This isn’t some Fresno state school we are apart of. We have the money and system to be incredibly successful, but we aren’t.

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There’s no facilities advantage. You’re living ten years ago. The major revenue source is TV money. Every power 5 team has this revenue source so every power 5 school has excellent facilities except schools like Kansas that put their money into basketball.

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