Go Pokes!

Everyone in the big 12 have big donors. They are all rebuilding or have rebuilt their facilities.
Beside the terrible showing against ou( which is still in line with the schools history) gundy has out performed everyone not named ou.
I would love to get a couple of 5 stars and a few more 4 stars. The magical world u live in with fairies and unicorn, this would happen. But, back in reality.

Gundy is 1-2 against every team in Texas the last 3 years. 3-6 against Baylor since 2011. 5-4 against K State and Texas. [quote=“robert28, post:21, topic:13050”]
Beside the terrible showing against ou( which is still in line with the schools history)

Worse than school history (making him the coach with the most losses in Bedlam history)

I was wondering when jug would come.out of his troll mode.

If you think every school in this conference has the same type of donors, giving similar amounts, then you are SADLY MISTAKEN!!! What Boone Pickens handed Gundy was historic. And not just by OSU standards in donating to football. But by damm near every school in the country. Including the blue-bloods that print money for fun. Now…that gift is nearly 15 years old. Do we need to upgrade some stuff? Yeah probably.

Gundy’s contract: The dude makes more money than Bill Snyder was ever gonna touch, and Snyder won 2 conference titles. He makes more than that dirtbag Briles, who won a conference title after Gundy. He makes more than anyone will ever make coaching football at WV, or Tech or Kansas, or Iowa State who got to Arlington last year. The guy is making it hand over fist. For what?! To finish middle of the pack. Kinda like his recruiting ranking in conference. Which is why injuries and limitations on offense are the issues right now Pre-season, he RAVED about depth everywhere. Wouldn’t shut up about it. Guess what, Rob? “THAT AINT TRUE!!!” The guy has leveraged Arkansas, Baylor, Tennessee, and apparently Florida to get more money to coach at Oklahoma State. Needed more money for recruiting? Got it. Swag chopper? Got it. Indoor practice facility? Got it. More money for assistant coaches? Got it. He has been given every possible resource needed to win at a higher level. More than any other coach in any other athletic program in school history. The return on investment is simply not there. And hasn’t been since 2013. Mic drop.

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Pick your mike back up. Boone’s money isn’t an advantage anymore. It helped us catch back up to where we needed to be. You have to constantly update facilities which is what every football program does. If you toured TCU’s facilities and Baylor’s, I don’t think you’d find an appreciable difference in what we have.

I’m more concerned that, with the NIL deal, we’re going to end up as far behind as we were.

Lol some one got a bee in their bonnet.
On donors
Boone gave what 600 million yes as a single donor no one comes close. Now was that money given out in nil we would be rolling. I want to ask u how many of the players cared if we got new box seats. Or got new paint. All that money went to osu not into the football program. So what other donors at other school have done is equal to boone. Riley last I looked makes more then saban. All most all the coaches in the sec makes more the gundy now matter what they have done or years coached

It’s not just those, two tech is there, both the kansas school have been doing 200 million projects

I said the gift is 15 years old and that we probably need to make updates. It’s my mic. I’ll pick it back up when I’m ready… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do they care if we got new suites? Probably not. Do they care about the locker room or weightroomn? Definitely. Depends on how much time they spend there. But those suites were designed to encourage folks to give. It’s a cycle. People give because they see a benefit to it, not just for the university or the program, but themselves as well. Superior development of current talent combined with intelligent game-planning and in-game/situational coaching leads to more wins. More wins can upgrade your bowl gane. An NY6 bowl gets more eyeballs on TV than a Cheezit Bowl. Increased bowl payout impacts the amenities for fans, players, and coaches. Now those fans are pouring more money in because they see that investing is tangibly impacting the program. Now higher ranked recruits start taking notice. They want to be a part of the process and leave their own mark by guiding their teams to championships. And in Stillwater, if you can win at the highest levels, you’re a legend. It’s why my son and I both have Weeden and Blackmon jerseys. And the cycle starts over. At least that’s how I think it could work.

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I agree. But the upgrades for the players are most important, and all the school drop money into that.
My question is how would a new coach handle adversity better than gundy has.
I know the tee-shirt deal was his own deal but the virus, and injuries were not.
I’m glad yurich and Gleason r gone. They had better of everything. Dunn is working with what he has. Those other two didn’t have whole positions wiped out.
It’s not like dunn is having one or two new guys a week, which is common.

I agree 100 percent w/ how Gundy handled the virus. He was so far ahead of everybody in the country w/ planning, testing , and keeping things on track. Some people didn’t want to hear it, but he was right from the beginning.

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Well we have realignment, nil and portal all new. Do we need to make a new coach new too

Portal entry is decided by players. Some don’t even tell the coach when they enter. NIL is handled by each university’s compliance folks, the companies or sponsors, and the players. Realignment is handled by TV networks, athletic directors and school presidents. Gundy doesn’t have to deal with any of it unless he feels like it. Now, with the portal he may try to talk to a kid that he knows is thinking about leaving. Depends on the player. If my backup long-snapper wants out, cool. See ya. But if Malcolm Rodriguez puts his name in, well now Gundy has an issue.

I was meaning getting goes from the portal.
Go read about nil and patterson.
The coaches have alot to do with this stuff.
The only advantage in a new coach. They can bring in a new boost in recruiting. And that is almost as big of a word as if.
This season will be long, if we have any players left. We have to starters on defense gone for the year. Who knows who will show up next week.
If some how we win next week it will be big.

Remember when this hater created an account to hate on our team that is now 5-0? Didn’t age well.

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I love how ever one talks about the hundreds of millions. The state of r facilities in the 90’s. Just if everyone weren’t in the same boat in the 90’s and were not getting the same millions, they would have a point.